Monday, May 16, 2016

Welcome To Bill Clinton's Third Term

by JASmius

Two weeks ago we discussed how the "Blue Plate Special" was coming back in the form of President Rodham and the "First Gentleman" being appointed "Jobs Czar" in her upcoming administration.  It appears that the Big Me has already gotten a promotion, and that his new, expanded role in the third Clinton term will be "revitalizer of the entire U.S. economy":

Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton is beginning to hint at what role her husband, former President Bill Clinton, could have in her administration if elected president.

At a campaign stop in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, [Mrs.] Clinton said her husband would be “in charge of reitalizing the economy.”

[Mrs.] Clinton often boasts about her husbands economic record on the campaign trail, leaning heavily on [Newt Gingrich's and Trent Lott's] record of [facilitating] raising wages and creating jobs.

“The economy does better when you have a Democrat in the White House,” [Mrs.] Clinton said at the October 13th debate.

Doesn't that kind of beg the question of why Mr. Bill is needed to "revitalize" an economy that has been in Barack Obama's cloven clutches for the past seven and a half years?  To say nothing of why Mr. Bill would take that role given that it has "failure scapegoat" written all over it.  I guess the new generation of Millennial interns is just too gosh darned hot for him to resist it.

[Mrs.] Clinton said something similar at a campaign event in early May, saying she would bring him out of retirement to create jobs.

For lawyers, late-night comics, true conservative bloggers, and gossip columnists, perhaps.  Like I said the other day: blogfodder gold mine.

But like I also said a fortnight ago, the only job with which the Empress is truly concerned is the one she's pursuing for herself:

This isn't about jobs or the economy....but all about making Sick Willie as much of the public face of her campaign as she possibly can. Like it or don't like it - I'm in the latter category - but Bill Clinton is still the most popular living former POTUS, his presidency is looked on as the last "golden age" in our country's history (thanks to his glomming the credit for the accomplishments of the Gingrich Revolution). and he is the greatest political tactician in American political history. The one caveat is that that savantish political tactical wizardry was only effective for his own candidacy, and has never translated to anybody for whom he's ever campaigned (except maybe Barack Obama four years ago, but I don't think Mr. Bill can be credited with that one). But it might work for the Empress - not unlike announcing a running mate early - especially given the gift forty percent of "Republican" voters [gave] to her. As it is, Hillary Clinton is moderately less roaringly unpopular than Donald Trump; add Bill Clinton's lingering popularity to her side of the electoral ledger by promising in advance to give him a prominent role in her regime - kind of the reverse of how he turned over "health care reform" to her, only not hiding it until after the election - and that could make her unbeatable, at least against the most despised major party candidate in modern American political history.

The Ugly Dutchess will have four years to throw floor lamps at Sick Willie and listen to the moaning wafting down to the Oval Office from the second floor residence.  Right now she wants, and needs, to do whatever it takes to win the election that will put her there, and she is recognizing her greatest campaign asset and deploying him accordingly.

That's way more of a game-changer than effectively arguing that Bill and Trump should have double-dated more.

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