Sunday, June 05, 2016

Democrat National Convention: Last Time God, This Time Israel

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Remember how in the last presidential election cycle the Democrats boo'd God, and nearly left Him off of their party platform?  In that same convention they also battled over whether or not they should continue to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Now, the battle could be even deeper regarding Israel.

While the claim is that the Democrat Party has long-standing support for Israel, the reality is, they've always been hostile towards the Jewish Nation.  As Muslims pour into this country, and most of them become democrats in their new country, the anti-Israel sentiment is becoming more pronounced.

Hillary Clinton has always been anti-Israel, but pretends not to be because it could hurt her political chances.  She plays a game of deception, but her record shows that for the most part, she is not in Israel's corner.  Bernie Sanders is not shy about his opposition to Israel, and has surrounded himself with persons who hate Israel, and see the tiny Jewish Nation surrounded by the enemy in the Middle East as the problem in the Middle East.

As I heard Sharren Haskel, a member of the Israeli Knesset, say in a speech I attended about a month ago, "Israel is not the problem in the Middle East, Israel is the solution."

Could there be a fight over Israel at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2016?

The most fascinating part about it all is that the vocal anti-Israel candidate, Bernie Sanders, is Jewish.

The trouble began brewing when last month, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced that she had allowed Bernie Sanders to pick five members of the party’s 15-person platform drafting committee — only one fewer than likely nominee Hillary Clinton. This unprecedented move gives Sanders more power over the platform than any previous runner-up.

Bernie's playmates include Cornel West, a racist and anti-Israel nut-case (and author of a book I was assigned once in college: "Race Matters"), James Zogby, the president of the Arab American Institute, and Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, who is a Muslim and has verbalized a position common among Muslims - which is in favor of Palestinian launched terrorism, and claims Israel is an occupier and aggressor.

“Justice for Palestinians cannot be attained without the lifting of the occupation,” West declared, accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of “war crimes” and vowing to battle for a platform that would elevate “the plight of an occupied people.”

Hillary has always been careful about Israel, but Andrew Romano at Yahoo News! seems to think Clinton’s platform drafters might play along. In an interview last week with the Chicago Sun-Times, Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois — who was then on his way to the West Bank and Jerusalem, where he would meet with Palestinian Authority officials, Palestinian members of the Israeli Knesset and Palestinian students and businessmen — revealed he was open to a platform that “elaborates more clearly the wishes, the desires, the aspirations of the Palestinian people and their hope for justice and for peace and equality.”

“Absolutely,” added the Clinton appointee. “I think we can do more.”

But other Clintonites were quick to push back.

“I am sure the Democratic Party platform will reflect long-standing, strong support for Israel,” said Clinton appointee Wendy Sherman, a former top State Department official. “Secretary Clinton’s views in support of Israel’s security and an unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel are well-known.”

As stated earlier in this article, in the 2012 Democratic convention in Charlotte, N.C., party leaders afraid of offending Jewish donors and swing voters — and rewarding Republicans with a ready-made attack ad — called for a floor vote to reinstate language, previously removed by the platform committee, that described Jerusalem as the capital of I srael. After three voice votes, the “ayes” and “no’s” seemed evenly matched — but convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa called it for the “ayes” anyway. He was roundly booed as a result. The New York Times called it “a minor spectacle” that provided “an unruly start to an evening meant to showcase attacks on Mitt Romney by former President Bill Clinton and others.”

The incident demonstrated that establishment Democrats like Clinton are terrified of outwardly admitting they are anti-Israel.  However, the reality is, rank-and-file liberals are more willing to sympathize with Palestine than Israel, and they are now increasingly willing to push back.

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