Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando Shooter Considered Disney as Target

By Douglas V. Gibbs,  AuthorSpeakerInstructorRadio Host

The Orlando nightclub shooting could have easily been bloodier.  Omar Mateen, before settling for the site of the gay dance club, considered Orlando's crowded Walt Disney World as a potential target.  The wife of Mateen told federal authorities that Mateen had scouted Downtown Disney, an area at the Disney theme park that has no security, and no bag check before entry.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for Mateen's attack at the nightclub near downtown Orlando.

While the FBI seeks to identify connections between Omar Mateen and terrorist organizations, the reality is that there doesn't have to be a connection.  Islam is the connection.  And this shooting follows a call by ISIS for Muslims to carry out attacks against the West.

The truth is, we never know which Muslim will carry out such an atrocity.  Remember, the shooter at the San Bernardino shooting went to a local high school, and for all the authorities knew, he was a peaceful, moderate Muslim simply living his life under the Southern California sun.

Authorities seek "triggers" and "what caused the person to radicalize."  The fact is, all Muslims are capable of attacks like the one in Orlando.  Are there moderate Muslims?  Only those who have decided to wage jihad in a different manner, like infiltrating our political system, or schools; or those who are potentially apostates, but are too afraid to take the plunge.

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