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Orlando Terrorist Attack

By Douglas V. Gibbs, AuthorSpeakerInstructorRadio Host

The Islamic jihad is alive and well in the United States of America.

While Christians complain about the changes being made to our culture by the homosexual lobby, those who follow Jesus Christ also believe in the rule of law, and changing lives through love and spreading the word of The Gospel.  Islam, however, achieves change and demands its domination over those it opposes through violence, and death.  Either you succumb to Islam, and become a Muslim, or you will die.  And when it comes to homosexuals. . . well, the very idea that someone would be gay to a Muslim is a death sentence.

So thought the killer in Orlando early this morning.  At a gay nightclub, "Pulse" (which is considered the "hottest" gay bar in the area) in Orlando, Florida, the worst terrorist attack on American Soil since September 11, 2001 when the towers fell took place where 50 people are being reported as killed, with at least 53 injured.  The gunman, pictured, has been identified by police as 29-year-old Omar Mateen of Fort Pierce, Florida.  The suspect was shot and killed by Orlando Police during a confrontation.

In a 911 emergency call Mateen made about the time of the attack he pledged allegiance to ISIS and mentioned the Boston bombers. According to CNN, the FBI had investigated Mateen at some point for possibly having ties to or sympathizing with Islamic extremism. A law enforcement official said there were two cases opened involving Mateen but the probes didn't result in enough evidence to charge him with anything.

I am now expecting high level government officials and the White House to proclaim Mateen's Islamic jihad terrorist attack to have nothing to do with Islam.

According to Orlando Police Chief John Mina, The shooter was organized and well-prepared.  He had what the liberal left would call an assault-type weapon (get ready for the Democrats to use this to call for more gun control), a handgun and "some type of (other) device on him."  Another aspect the Democrats will use for their cry for more gun control will be that Mateen legally purchased the Glock pistol found at the shooting scene from a St. Lucie County area gun store.  Never mind that if he was planning to commit this atrocity, if he hadn't been able to buy a gun legally, he'd have gotten one anyways.  Just ask Sydney and Paris.

By the way, if the federal government's background checks work so well, how is it that a Muslim who had been investigated by the FBI with two cases opened involving his sympathy with Islamic extremism was able to legally buy a Glock?

There has been no claim of responsibility for the attack on jihadi forums, but ISIS sympathizers have reacted by praising the attack on pro-Islamic State forums.

President Obama said of the incident, "We know enough to say this was an act of terror and act of hate," but he will definitely avoid saying it had anything to do with Islam.  In addition to using this politically for a call for more gun control, the homosexual community will also politicize this shooting for their own political benefit.  I am not trying to politicize this horrid event myself, I am just telling you what will undoubtedly happen in the political world as a result of this tragedy.

The shooting happened in the early morning hours shortly after midnight, and the shootout between police and the shooter occurred around 2:00 am Eastern Time.  After the initial confrontation, the shooter ran back into the establishment and began taking hostages.  Law enforcement communicated with the victims inside the club through cell phones, and at about 5:00 am used an armored vehicle to break down the door of the building.

Mateen's family, according the CNN, indicated he had expressed anti-gay feelings.

Of course he did.  He's Muslim.  The family members saying this has anti-gay feelings themselves.  That's Islam.  But, you see, the point of that finding by CNN was not to target Islam as having anti-gay feelings, but to make it sound like "having" anti-gay feelings leads to violent behavior.

Hence, why Christian, conservative, right-wingers are all considered to be potential domestic terrorists.

The folks investigating this are calling it a case of domestic terror, and they are suggesting it "might" be a case of Islamic terrorism (cough, cough), but right now they refuse to label the incident as such.

They are more interested in labeling it a hate crime, rather than Islamic terrorism.

In a very interesting twist, the anti-Christian gay crowd and their loved-ones have called out for folks to #PrayForPulse and #PrayForOrlando, two hashtags that are currently trending on Twitter and Instagram.  Don't get me wrong, I am offering my prayers to the families and loved ones because people are still people, despite their behavioral decisions.  My heart hurts for the the death of innocent people.  I bring up the call for prayer, however, not to mock the families, but because I thought it a fascinating twist that the gay community who mocks Christians whenever they can are asking us for prayers when the worst happens.

This "mass shooting" occurred only a few miles from Orlando's Plaza Live theater where 22-year-old singer Christina Grimmie was gunned down by a deranged fan Friday night.

Oh, by the way, Mateen is a registered Democrat, just like all of the other animals committing mass shootings in recent memory.

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