Saturday, July 16, 2016

Constitution Radio: Hillary's America

Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs
KMET 1490-AM,
Saturdays, 1:00 pm ... if you miss the program, listen to the archived podcast HERE.

Host Douglas V. Gibbs ( AuthorSpeaker,
InstructorRadio Host) will not be in the studio for this episode.  Alex Ferguson ( will be joined by Glenn and Jan of the Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea Party.

Special Guest: Jeremy Oliver of the team promoting Dinesh D'Souza's movie, Hillary's America.

AllStar Collision Big Stories of the Week. . .

4. President Addresses America (did any of you see this?  If so, please comment)

3. Terrorism Strikes in Nice, France

2. Coup Attempt in Turkey (personal note for the show: I have believed that Turkey will fall into line with the radical Islamists, and is going to be the head of the new Ottoman Empire. . . so this is something I've been expecting)

1. Choice of Mike Pence as Trump's V.P.

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