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Trump says He'll Dump Non-Profit for Churches

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The non-profit muzzle on churches was designed to silence churches.  Lyndon B. Johnson in 1954, (long before he was the president who promised through his welfare programs to get blacks - he used the other word, the one that starts with N - voting Democratic for the next 200 years) while a Senator from Texas, sponsored the bill, and ever since pastors across America have feared speaking on political matters under the threat of losing their tax exempt status with the IRS.  No church has ever lost their status, but nonetheless, pastors have been terrified of losing it ever since.

In his speech at The Faith and Freedom Coalition's "Road To Majority" conference in Washington, U.S., June 10, 2016, Mr. Trump said that it is his intention to ensure the amendment to non-profit status that Johnson was behind muzzling the churches would be repealed.

The gathering was with about 900 evangelical pastors and leaders, many of whom, like most evangelicals, probably entered the room skeptical about backing Donald Trump.  His promise to protect the political speech and religious freedom of pastors and clergy by repealing the longstanding ban on church and nonprofit politicking, however, was well received.

Trump said, "When you talk religious liberty, to go and speak openly, and if you like somebody or want somebody to represent you, you should have the right to do it."

During his speech he also promised to protect the sanctity of life, to protect the 2nd Amendment, rein in federal regulations, and only nominate pro-life Supreme Court justices.

During that speech Trump also took a number of stabs at Hillary Clinton, his likely Democrat Party opponent, saying regarding her email scandal, "Hillary Clinton has jeopardized - totally jeopardized - national security by putting her emails on a private server, all to hide her corrupt dealings.  This is the reason she did it, folks - is to hide her corrupt dealings."

Trump’s vow to protect the political speech of churches and pastors may have surprised some of the folks in the audience.  After all, no candidate has ever been willing to suggest such a monumental task.

Much of the feeling among GOP supporters has been that Hillary Clinton needs to be stopped - but folks haven't been sure that Trump is the person to do it.  After the speech in Washington DC promising to end an IRS ban on political speech from churches, Trump may get the "religious right" support he's been needing.

Granted, and I am a person in the camp that believes this, Trump is not the best Republican Candidate we could have chosen.  Are we even sure he will follow through on promises like what he is proposing regarding the religious non-profit status?

Despite where I stand on him personally, one thing is for sure; Trump is proud and self-serving, and the damage to his reputation if he reneged on his promises would destroy his product, and leave him nothing to hand down to his children.  That is the factor that makes me believe he is being truthful.  Plus, I think Trump is in a mode of growth.  He's becoming someone that even he could fathom him being.  Obama and Hillary have been so bad for America, even a billionaire that previously was not a political person, per se, has taken notice.

The interesting thing to me is that nobody ever accused him of being racist or evil until he dared to run against democrats.

As for the #NeverTrump folks, the reality is that any vote not cast for Trump by a Republican during the general election is a vote for Hillary.

As a couple additional notes: At one point during the speech a protester interrupted screaming "God hates Donald Trump, all refugees are welcome."  After the woman was removed, Trump accurately stated she was a professional agitator.

"All refugees are welcome"?

The Muslim horde coming to the United States in the name of migration and "refugees" may contain within its numbers a few pure refugees who are seeking a better life.  But, as we've seen in Europe, and here in our neck of the woods, and based on the rhetoric we are being told by these people and their religious leaders, most of them are invaders.  It is their goal to be a termite, weakening our interior until we can no longer stand firm.  Then, as America collapses under the weight of the establishment due to the weakening of our system caused by the Muslim termites, they plan to change this country into a Muslim country.  Their migration here is not for asylum, but to begin the process of conquering America.

During his speech Trump also said that we need to give great respect to our police and law enforcement.  This statement came before Obama recently accused the police of being the enemy, and a Dallas shooter proceeded to kill half a dozen police officers hours later.

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