Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wikileaks Creates Havoc in Democrat Party

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The fix has always been in.  The corruption of the Democrat Party is deeper than anyone was willing to admit.  Wikileaks has revealed the truth. . . or at least the tip of the iceberg of the truth.


Wikileaks has released nearly 20,000 emails it says are from the accounts of Democratic National Committee officials, right before the launch date of the Democrat Party convention in Philadelphia next week.  The leak of emails is emerging right after the FBI said Hillary Clinton is innocent of criminal wrong doing regarding her private server, and right before Queen Hillary is supposed to be crowned the Democrat Party nomination for President of the United States, 2016.

The hackers have not revealed the secret to their magic tricks, but the fact is they have the emails, and they have released them to the wild.

Part One of the series of the releases is called "Hillary Leaks."

The emails come from the accounts of seven DNC officials: communications director Luis Miranda, national finance director Jordon Kaplan, finance chief of staff Scott Comer, finance director of data and strategic initiatives Daniel Parrish, finance director Allen Zachary, senior advisor Andrew Wright and Northern California Finance Director and the finance director for northern California, Robert Stowe.

The emails range in date from Jan. 2015 to May 25 of this year.

To conservatives, the information in the leaked emails are no surprise.

When the protests erupted against Trump in Chicago, forcing him to cancel his speech, I knew that the protests were planned, organized, and orchestrated by the Democrat Party.  I have said on my radio program that the way to stop it would be to infiltrate the protests, and then start talking about to each other how many hundreds of dollars we were getting paid to be there.  The $50-$100 protesters who were shipped in would be angry, and throw down their signs.

It is amazing how conservative people can be when it comes to their own wallets.

The WikiLeaks email release show that yes, indeed, the Democrats planned, organized, and orchestrated the protests against Donald Trump.  The whole anti-Trump movement was created by the Democrats because the billionaire dared to run against them, and all of the NeverTrump folks out there are simply sheep following the lead put before them by the leaders of the Democrat Party.

Mindless sheep doing the bidding of the Liberal Left Democrats.

Intern involvement with protests is mentioned twice in the leaked emails. DNC communications director Luis Miranda bemoaned photos of an empty anti-Trump protest in Washington, D.C. in one email chain.

Miranda said, “Going forward, when our allies screw up and don’t deliver bodies in time, we either send all our interns out there or we stay away from it.. we don’t want to own a bad picture.”

DNC officials Brad Marshall, a chief financial officer, and Alan Reed, a compliance officer, also signed off on the use of Black Lives Matter organizer Deray McKesson as a surrogate for Hillary Clinton.

McKesson rose to prominence after being active in protests in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD. He has yet to endorse a candidate and said protests are likely to happen at the upcoming Democratic Party convention.

Among the early casualties of the WikiLeaks release is Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  She has already announced that she will be stepping down as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee at the end of the party's convention.  The resignation has been given because of pressure from top Democrats.  In the WikiLeaks release the emails show DNC staffers favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the party's 2016 nominating contest - and launching an attack against Bernie Sanders that questions his religion.

The fix was always in.

A Democratic operative said Hispanic leaders close to Clinton and her high command were discussing Housing Secretary Julian Castro as a possible successor to Wasserman Schultz at the DNC helm.  Is this a way to scrub clean Julian's crimes from him, as Hillary's has been scrubbed from her?  After all, many Democrat Party insiders see Julian as the next great messiah of the liberal left agenda.

The DNC Rules Committee has named Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, as permanent chair of the convention, according to a DNC source. She will gavel each session to order and will gavel each session closed.

"She's been quarantined," another top Democrat said of Wasserman Schultz, following a meeting Saturday night.
Democrat leaders are scrambling to keep the party united.

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