Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Charlotte, North Carolina Rioting Proves Ridiculousness of "Racial Injustice" Argument

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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An armed suspect was shot by a black cop whose boss is a black police chief, and as a result the black population is rioting because of "racial injustice."

The same has been largely true in other cities where we've seen rioting.

Black leaders, black cops, when a black suspect poses a danger to the police officers, and the cops are blamed, and white America is blamed.

How idiotic can this be?

As Ben Watson of the NFL said, "This is not a skin problem, it's a sin problem."

The cities we have been seeing the rioting in during recent years has been largely under the control of black Democrats for decades, yet, somehow, we are supposed to listen to fools like the NFL's Colin Kaepernick who says that racial injustice exists, and is out of control, in the United States.

Is our society perfect?  Of course not.  Does a level of racism exist?  Of course.  It's human nature.  That's not condoning it, but simply a recognition that we, as humans, naturally have our own, personal discriminations.  Some are fine, and some can be hurtful or harmful in a society.  However, even if at a level much less than it was a hundred years ago, it exists.  The reality is that racial injustice does not exist at the level we are being told, and the rioting is not a reaction to racial injustice.  It's all a big lie.  The rioting we are seeing is being committed by black populations who are simply tools being used by leftist politicians using age-old tactics to create division.  As I wrote above, we are seeing this in black neighborhoods with black leadership and often black cops.  Yet, the black community is out there screaming at white America, "Stop shooting at us.  Stop the killing of our people."

It is not White America doing the killing.  It is usually black cops, black leaders, and Democrat policies that have led to this cultural madness.

Hegelian Dialectic.

1. Create a problem (Racism)
2. Create an opposition (Black Lives Matter)
3. Create a solution (more government control)

It's a political strategy, and the black population is falling for it (well, not black conservatives).

So, as I watch the news in Charlotte, North Carolina, while I feel for the family of the young man who was shot and killed, and I am sad regarding the violence the city is experiencing, understand it is a false situation caused by false circumstances being violently protested by enslaved tools (enslaved by the entitlement mentality nurtured by liberal left Democrats) who are simply acting out in a manner they've been trained to act in because of the leftist training they've been receiving through an infiltration into their culture, education system, and media influences.

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