Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump Won't Lock Hillary Up

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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No surprise, here.  The day after the election I listed some truths, and here is what I wrote:
  • Hillary Clinton will not go to jail.
The chants of "lock her up" are now in the past, and President Trump does not want to be remembered as the President who locked up Hillary Clinton, but as the President who made America Great Again.  While the investigations will continue, I doubt there will be any indictments.  I would love to see her charged with a number of crimes, but that is no longer a priority.  Besides, the Clintons have been dethroned, and humiliated - and they probably won't be able charge as much for speeches.  That alone may be considered punishment enough.

Legally, as President, Donald Trump cannot order his attorney general to prosecute her, or to ignore going after her.  In other words, in truth, it won't be his choice.  That choice will belong to Jeff Sessions, if Senator Sessions is indeed confirmed as the next Attorney General.

In his statement in which he says he won't be pursuing Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump stated he won't subject her to criminal injury, but instead he plans to "help her heal."

That, in truth, to a Democrat is almost worse than being jailed.  Think about it, the hated Republican winner sees that there is something wrong with her and wants to help her heal.  From the Democrat's point of view, be it Hillary, or anyone else left of center, there is nothing wrong with them.  They are the moral supremacists.  I am figuring Clinton is thinking, "Help me heal?  He's the one sick in the head."

Of course, there is the slight, remote, very unlikely (in my opinion) possibility that, if the Never Trump folks were right, they are all in this together, and Trump is in a backroom saying to Hillary at this moment, "I told you if I won you'd be off the hook."

Then, according to the Never Trump people, Hillary would screach, "You weren't supposed to win in the first place.  You were supposed to be in the race to ensure that I won!"

I am pretty sure the Never Trump people aren't even remotely right on this.  I think Trump really does want to make the country great again using right-leaning policies, and I also think as a businessman he is very practical in his though processes.  A case against Hillary would distract attention away from what he is trying to do to "make America great again."  So, why create a situation that causes such a distraction?

Some may say Trump is reneging on a promise. . . after all, he did say along the way to Election Day he would get a special prosecutor to look into her criminal activities - a promise that stoked the fire his followers were hopping up and down on.  I think now that he is the next President of the United States he is realizing that reality does not necessarily match what one truly wants to do, sometimes.  The Clintons are finished, their humiliation is one hell of a punishment.  I don't think that is a good enough reason to let the treasonous, uh, person off the hook, but I think he is reasoning that he is going to have to do exactly that - let her off the hook.

For those of you seeking perfection in your candidate, you won't get it, and Trump won't be perfect not just because he can't be, but because nobody can be.  But, if his greatest misfire is deciding not to legally pursue Hillary Clinton, I'm good with it.

Now, let's see how many things he "is" going to do that we are hoping for.

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Call Me Mom said...

I think that it would be an absolutely destructive move for him to refuse to see her prosecuted for her crimes.

The rule of law has been destroyed under the obama administration. Seeing to it that the law is enforced against Ms. clinton is the first and most necessary step on the path to restore it. Without the rule of law, the republic is destroyed.

In this, I very much hope that you are mistaken Mr. Gibbs.