Saturday, April 29, 2017

Conservative Voice Radio: 100 Days of Trump

If you missed the show, it's not too late. Listen at the podcast page!

Conservative Voice Radio is Hosted by Mr. Constitution, Douglas V. Gibbs, AuthorSpeakerInstructorRadio Host and members of the Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea PartyGlenn, Jan and Diane.

The show airs on Saturdays, 8:00 am, on KMET 1490-AM.  Listen on your radio dial, online at KMET, or with the KMET phone app.

Today's Topics:

  • Trump's First 100 Days
  • Free Speech Battle, starting with Berkeley
    • What Reagan Did About Berkeley
  • Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff's Message to Sacramento about SB-54 (Sanctuary State Status)
  • United Nations Makes Saudi Arabia Member of Women's Rights Council
  • Republicans Who Supported California Gas Tax
    • And how votes were bought
  • Loss of Electricity to Four Blue Cities
  • Rise of Le Pen in France

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