Friday, April 14, 2017

Lansing: No Sanctuary Status

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

In California, Glendora and Escondido are the latest cities to reject sanctuary status. Under pressure by its citizens, and having a governor threatening to veto the legislation, Maryland has abandoned its sanctuary state proposal. Now, Lansing, Michigan has followed those examples after business owners slammed the city council for their consideration of pursuing sanctuary status.

The reversal in Lansing reminds us that sending a message to our representatives can still be a viable tool in making sure they listen to We the People, because the reversal of the Lansing City Council's decision to label itself a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants came after an onslaught of local business owners criticizing the decision.

Lansing City Council had previously voted to enact a policy directing police officers not to ask for citizenship status unless it was required by law or court order. Though the measure was originally voted in unanimously last week, city council members voted 5-2 to rescind the policy because business owners worried the term “sanctuary” would draw unwelcome attention to the city.

Immigration activists decried the move, calling city council members at the meeting “spineless.”

“You’re all losing your seats,” some in the crowd told council members, according to Fox News.

Michigan Chamber President and CEO Richard Studley said the city council should “stop wasting time on costly political statements and focus on real economic issues.”

“I have no problem with the earlier resolution that affirmed the city’s status as a welcoming city,” he said. “The challenge is with the language declaring the city a ‘sanctuary city’ — adopted hastily with little debate. I think that it is easily misinterpreted or misunderstood.”

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