Friday, June 30, 2017

The Attacks on Republican Representative Tom McClintock

By Douglas V. Gibbs

There are very few conservative republicans serving in legislative positions for the State of California, but they are out there.  In the Case of the U.S. House of Representatives, one of those dependable GOP legislators is Tom McClintock.  One of the things we've learned over the last few generations is the more conservative the politician, the worse the attacks by leftists against them. . . especially now in this day and age of anti-Trump leftist activists, Black Lives Matter agitators, and screaming Marxist snowflakes.

Recently, California Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, while discussing how the leftist crazies are even going after their own democrats, like Assemblyman Rendon, revealed that she, also, has been the recipient of death threats and violent rhetoric.

For McClintock, the attacks have been relentless, with radical activists being such a problem that they have forced the California GOP Representative to need police escorts out of district town hall meetings when things turned violent.

The media has been relentless, as well, fueling the fire with their hit pieces on McClintock.  In a recent article the Sacramento Bee sided with feminist activists who trolled his district town hall meetings, and then claimed the Congressman’s office threatened them when they called in.

Victimhood is what the left likes to use, even if they have to make it up.  They "feel" like they were threatened when someone disagrees with them, and so they claim they are being mistreated if you don't become sycophantic for them.

The feminists in question have been targeting McClintock as a part of a strategy created by their activist team of crazies, bombarding his office with daily calls meant to disrupt business, making his staff “uncomfortable” while “wreaking havoc” on his office, “wearing them down,” “keeping them off balance” and even “tormenting a new intern.”

But, the Sacramento Bee has labeled the feminists as the victims of the mean GOP representative.

They claim their intention is to invite the Congressman to have a dialogue with them, but the reality of what they are really up to shows up later in social media.

Alisa Jaffe Holleron freely admits that they “don’t expect to influence McClintock’s policy.”

“We are a group of 460 people. We call McClintock’s office frequently. Some of us call every day. We share what we’ve talked about with the group, and have gotten to be a wonderful community of folks who support each other. We give suggestions for things to talk about and scripts if needed.” 

McClintock’s office says the callers have turned nasty at times.

It's political theater based on disruption, and the Sac Bee admits it.  “At McClintock’s most recent town hall, a dozen women, young and old, dressed in red cloaks and white bonnets to mimic the oppressed women in Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ a book and ongoing television series about a misogynistic dystopia run by a totalitarian regime” the Bee reported.

In short, they don't want dialogue, they want disruption and to neutralize their opposition.  They are Saul Alinsky thugs who agitate in the hopes of terrorizing their opposition into silence, and perhaps into submission. And, either they've bought into the propaganda the Democrats have put out, or they know the truth but spread the lies, anyway, in order to support their Marxist agenda.

They repeat the tired old lies over and over.  “Trump is loyal to Russia. We need to not be distracted about things like the wall. We need to get this man impeached.”  As for his election, "I won’t get over it. Getting over it is pretending something terrible isn’t happening. Something terrible is happening. It is not normal.”

They claim they are willing to disrupt because it is necessary for them to "protest the GOP anti-woman agenda.”

“We wanted the Congressman [McClintock] to hear our voices because of the attacks on women that he supports and the creeping authoritarianism that he supports” one of them told the Huffington Post.

Creeping authoritarianism?  Isn't it the Republicans who believe in small government, and isn't it the Democrats who keep proposing more government intrusion into our lives?

McClintock can only keep on trying to do his job, and weather the storm.  The problem is, liberal leftism is like the current of a river.  They will never stop, and I fear what comes next.

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