Friday, June 30, 2017

The Brilliance of Trump's Tweet Against Mika Brzezinski

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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What a dope.  What a maroon!  Not Trump. . . ME!

Twice I have written about Trump's Tweet that has the media going nuts.  The liberal left is attacking Trump viciously over his "unpresidential" tweet about Mika Brzezinski's bleeding face after a face lift that may, or may not, have happened.  The liberal left media is spending all of their time on the story, and so is the not-so-liberal media, like Fox News, and conservative bloggers.  The liberal reporters have been so appalled by Trump's Tweet that blood is practically squirting from their eyes.  They can't believe that Trump would do such a thing. . . and Mika and friends have gone so far to say that Trump is being more than mean.  It's sexist and shows he does not belong in the White House.

In my posts about it I said I like the fact that Trump tweets, but this one may have skirted a little too close to the edge.  Perhaps, I have been saying, he should be more diplomatic with his Tweets.

Then, I discovered I was wrong.

The Mika Brzezinski tweet was incredibly brilliant.

The timing was perfect, as planned.

While the Press is talking about Trump's Tweet:

The travel ban went into effect, two immigration bills were approved by Congress, and other things the Democrats would normally be screaming about are getting done. . . under the radar, because the people suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome are too busy to notice because they are too occupied with screaming and yelling about Trump's tweets.

He pulled a basketball move, looking one way, and passing the ball the opposite direction.

It took Buzz Patterson on Facebook to straighten me out.  Here's what he posted:


Trump played the media, his enemies, the Democrats, and many of the folks that may not hate him like the liberal left does. . . and they still haven't noticed.  They are still freaking out about a tweet, while Trump gets things done, and the people watching all of these theatrics by the media will respond by turning off their televisions because they are sick of watching the liberal left biased media cry like a bunch of babies because Trump said something mean on Twitter.

It's funny.  Trump lives rent-free 24 hours a day in the heads of the liberal media, and it is driving them nuts that they can't figure out how to bring him down. . . as they wipe the drool from the sides of their mouths.

I am guessing Trump is having a great big laugh as he contemplates how easy it is to get under the skin of the liberal left and their minions in the media.

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