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Welcome to Ramadan: So far, 149 (plus 7) Dead

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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Every year the religion of peace goes completely jihad on everybody during their holy month, Ramadan.  The aim?  Complete and utter terror.

The start and finish of the Muslim holy month changes yearly as a result of the Islamic calendar’s basis on a lunar cycle.  Regardless of when it starts, when Ramadan begins, so does the violence.

The spike in the killings during Ramadan is no surprise to citizens of the Muslim world, where the number of deaths, thanks to jihadist attacks, slams into a higher gear with escalating numbers every year.  Every Ramadan traditionally sees a leap in terrorism and criminality in the Islamic world

The link between the month of Ramadan and violence is an ancient one.

In 624 AD Arab brigands decided to follow the false prophet Muhammad.  Early attacks by the new group were failures.  So, to resolve the problem, they chose to combine violence with deception.

The Middle East was infected with warring tribes who used deception to make war, so the idea of committing the act of war through deception already existed.  With the fledgling Muslim religion, the rules said that during Ramadan when pilgrims journeyed to the then multi-faith shrine in Mecca, violence was strictly forbidden.  The first Muslims not only broke that rule, but also added a further twist of deceit. They decided to disguise themselves as pilgrims. Approaching at night, their enemies would not know their true intent until it was too late. In the decades that followed, the combination of deception and violence allowed Islam to conquer two-thirds of Christendom.

Today, that historical example continues to be followed.

Ramadan is the holy month, and the truest holy thing for Muslims to do is to kill the infidels, and those who commit blasphemy.  2:217 of the Koran says that the true victims are those committing the attacks because the presence of infidels and the blasphemous activities deny Muslims the ability to truly follow their religion without having to be murderous jihadists.  Therefore, it is especially holy during the holy month of Ramadan to kill those who Muslims believe are preventing Islam from being the one and only religion worldwide, and preventing Muslims from practicing their religion without anyone acting in a manner contrary to their holy beliefs.

Non-Muslim practices prevent Muslims, the belief goes, from following the straight path of Sharia. All temptations must be eliminated, so when covering their eyes is not enough, and when those temptations, according to Allah, serve as a far greater sin than the slaughter of such infidels, then the killings may begin.

During Ramadan, contemporary Muslims are enjoined to make an active special effort to do “what is right, and forbid what is evil” – namely, un-Islamic – according to the Koran (3:110).

In short, during Ramadan, while jihad is always a holy thing to do, the holiness of killing the infidels and Muslims committing blasphemy is especially the holy thing to do during Ramadan.

Every year terrorist attacks ratchet up once Ramadan kicks into gear.  This year, Ramadan began May 26.  So far, in the last nine days, we have three confirmed attacks and 149 dead, not counting the London Bridge attacks of which we are still trying to figure out all of the numbers, but currently stands at seven dead.

So far, we have during Ramadan 2017 twin suicide bombings in Baghdad, a massive suicide vehicle bomb in Afghanistan, and an attack in Manila, Philippines that is still not being counted as terrorism by officials.

In short, buckle your seat belts, the killings have only just begun.  Ramadan doesn't end until the evening of June 24.

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