Friday, August 18, 2017

Barcelona Attack Longtime Coming. . .

By Douglas V. Gibbs
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The Islamic invasion of the Western World is on the move in Europe.  I am suspecting in Spain the attacks will get more frequent and more vicious as time passes.  Spain, after all, used to be a part of the Muslim expansion into Europe, and once land is under Muslim control, no matter how brief of a time period, the monsters of Islam consider that land to belong to Allah for eternity.

Spain was reclaimed by Christendom in 1492.  Ferdinand and Isabella, in an attempt to unite Spain, funded Italian Christopher Columbus to sail westward in search of a westward route to the Far East.

Now, Islam wants Spain back.

A series of Muslim terrorist incidents have recently slammed Spain, leaving 13 people dead and more than 100 injured in an attack Barcelona, alone.  The attack in Barcelona was conducted by terrorists driving a van into a crowd of people.

There were also other attacks, including a terrorist incident in the seaside city of Cambrils and a house explosion farther down the coast in Alcanar.  It is believed they were all linked to the van attack in Barcelona.  A second attack involving explosives in Cambrils was stopped by police before it could be carried out.

Also, two police officers in Barcelona were hurt when they were hit by a car, though it is believed to be unrelated.

The Barcelona attack was one of the most deadly in Spain since more than 190 people were killed in a March 2004 attack against commuter trains.

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