Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Republican Train Crash in Virginia Leaves Questions

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

A dump truck sat on the tracks in Virginia as a train full of Republican Congressmen heading to a policy retreat in West Virginia came barreling down the tracks.  The train slammed into the truck, ultimately killing the driver, and dislodging the front of the locomotive from the tracks, and injuring a number of the lawmakers.  

The train was eventually returned to its previous station.  The injured are being sent to the medical facilities they need to be, after members of Congress with medical training performed CPR on a number of the injured.  

The Amtrak crash is being investigated as, thankfully, most of the injuries were minor - many of them concussions.  The trip will be continued, the retreat will go on, and Trump is planning on speaking at the event.

About 25 emergency vehicles responded, according to Representative Peter Sessions (R-TX 32nd District), after the abrupt stoppage of the train being called a "tragic accident" by members of the press.

This "accident" occurred a day after Trump's State of the Union Speech, three months after a left-leaning gunman opened fire on a right-leaning country concert in Las Vegas, and seven months after a gunman opened fire on members of the GOP at a congressional baseball practice.  The news media is blaming the infrastructure and rash of railroad crossing accidents that have emerged over the last few decades.

I don't believe it was an accident.

I apologize for politicizing this incident, but we have been shown time and time again that the liberal left's anger has evolved to the point of violent lashing out.  While I don't believe all people who believe themselves to be "Democrat" are violent and capable of murderous violence, the squeaky wheels of the liberal left have shown time and time again that they are ... be it riots, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, La Raza, or individuals trying to hurt people who disagree with them politically such as the aforementioned gunmen.

The hate Trump narrative has been so fierce, of course there are those acting out against the GOP, and doing what they can to return the Democrats to power, even it it requires violence, terrorism, and murder.  These people have been falsely convinced that the Trump administration and the Republican Party is some kind of reincarnation of Hitler's Nazism, or that the racism of the GOP is fueling a desire for blacks to be put back in chains as was the case during the slave era (which, interestingly enough, was defended by the Democrats of that period) and Mexicans and Muslims are going to be treated like the Jews were by the Nazis (rounded up and put into camps).

It's all poppycock, of course, but these people who believe this kind of thing have gotten to the point where they believe they are at a moment in history where the Germans were during the 1930s.  What would have happened if the German people had risen up, stopped the Nazis, and killed all of them and their accomplices before they could accomplish what they did during World War II?  That is a moment in history many of the members of the liberal left believe they are in today ... here in America.

Is there any evidence, at this point, that the driver of the truck on the railroad tracks did it purposely?  We may never know.  Perhaps it stalled on the tracks.  Perhaps he had a medical emergency that caused him to be unable to proceed off of the tracks.  Or, perhaps, just perhaps, he was an angry liberal lashing out at the Republican Party and his last act on Earth was one of violence against the Republican Party he hated so much.

I hope I am wrong, because I really do wish people have the best of intentions ... but when it comes to the violent liberal left, it's not a surprise when the truth is otherwise.

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