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California Congressional Candidate Jazmina Saavedra Blocked by Facebook

Golden State Coalition

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Golden State Coalition Media Director

June 3, 2018

Golden State Coalition Candidate Blocked by Facebook for Utilizing Freedom of Speech

Los Angeles, California – California Congressional Candidate for California’s 44th Congressional District, Jazmina Saavedra, has been blocked by Facebook for exposing the deceptive cultural Marxism tactics in play in California.  Saavedra shared a video of a man wearing a pullover with a hoodie who used the ladies’ restroom in order to satisfy his drug habit.  Once confronted, the man claimed his use of the women’s stall was because at the moment he believed he was a woman.  After using Facebook Live to expose the deception as the man exited the ladies’ restroom and entered the dining area, Facebook took down the video, and blocked the Republican congressional candidate from posting on the social media platform. 

Facebook claims that under its policies, content showing public bullying of a person is prohibited, and they considered Saavedra’s tactics to be a form of bullying.

Facebook, in an interview with the Washington Examiner, however, indicated that the company does permit the “discussion of whether transgender people should be able to use the bathroom of choice” and that the targeting of Saavedra was not based on those grounds.

After advising Saavedra that she may repost the video if the individual’s face is blurred, Saavedra went on to share the video with the woman’s face blurred, but at the end of the week, she shared another video in which the face of the transgender woman was visible, and according to Facebook, that prompted the company to again remove the video, and this time the social media platform issued a block on Saavedra's account.

Saavedra states that Facebook never reached out to her, and a left-wing group has been using her initial video in an attempt to ridicule the candidate into silence.

Jazmina claims the move by Facebook is an obvious double-standard against Republicans.  "It’s OK for them to use it, but it’s not OK for me to use it by calling attention for safety for women."

Saveedra states that the blocking of her access to Facebook was not something she was aware of until The Washington Examiner sought comment.

The purpose of the video, she said, was to shed light on safety issues for women.

"This is not about homophobic, transgender, this is about safety," she said. "This is about safety. I don’t even have any idea who is behind that [bathroom] door."

The Golden State Coalition stands behind their candidate, recognizing that the mainstream media and various activists are seeking to misrepresent what happened, and that the selective actions by Facebook reveals, as suspected by members of the GOP, that the social media platform adjusts its policies selectively depending upon the political message of the subject being investigated.

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