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Sex Education Poison

By Douglas V. Gibbs
Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

The ongoing argument sounds like siblings fighting over a trivial matter.

"Are too."

"Am not."

"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not."




Eventually, the parents step in, break it up, and nobody really ever knows what the argument was about in the first place.

The same is sort of true with the sex education argument.  One side argues that sex education reduces teenage pregnancy, while the other side says it increases it.  Both sides have studies and statistics supporting their view.  One side says that the kids are going to have sex anyway, so we might as well make sure it's safe with instruction and condoms so that they may have a healthy outlook on their sexuality in the process.  The other side says abstinence-only education works and sex in a monogamous marriage protects the children, and will end the spread of disease.  Those who promote abstinence also claim that sex education is a direct cause in the increase of teenage pregnancy, that teenage sexual activity actually drops when the funding for sex education is reduced, and that pre-marital teenage sex carries with it other consequences we don't see on the surface.  Both sides claim to be right.  Both sides claim they are winning the argument.

The fact is, teenage sexual activity has become a widespread concern not only in the United States, but across the globe.  The Heritage Foundation states that there has been a slight decline in recent years, but in 1997, approximately 48 percent of American teenagers of high-school age were or had been sexually active.

Sexually transmitted diseases find 8,000 new teenage hosts every day in the United States.  Millions become infected each year.  Overall, roughly one-quarter of the nation's sexually active teens have been infected by a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

Teen pregnancy rates are also way too high, especially now, with approximately 240,000 children born to girls aged 18 or younger in the year 2000.  In nearly all of those cases, the girl was also unmarried, adding on the reality of a likelihood of long-term poverty and Welfare dependence.  On top of all of that, the hard cold statistics don't take into account the psychological and emotional problems that goes hand in hand with teenage sexual activity.

The connection between teenage sexual activity and emotional health is startling.

Teenage boys and girls who are sexually active are significantly less likely to be happy and more likely to feel depressed than their sexually inactive counterparts.

When compared to teens who are not sexually active, teenage boys and girls who are sexually active are significantly more likely to attempt suicide.

What this means is that in addition to being at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, a sexually active teenager's emotional well-being is also at risk.

The link between teenage sexual activity and depression is also supported by clinical experience. Doctor of adolescent medicine Meg Meeker writes, "Teenage sexual activity routinely leads to emotional turmoil and psychological distress…. [Sexual permissiveness leads] to empty relationships, to feelings of self-contempt and worthlessness. All, of course, precursors to depression."

What this means is that though the liberal left is in support of sex education in the schools to ensure that our teenagers engage in "safe sex," the reality is that trying to place a film of latex between the teenager and pregnancy or an STD (or both) fails to take into consideration the other potential problems of teenage sexual activity, including the long-term emotional and moral aspects of sexuality.  While the proponents of sex education claims they are promoting "safe sex," they fail to provide young people with the skills needed to develop intimate loving marital relationships as adults.  In reality, sex education is not teaching safe sex, it is promoting an increase in the rates of depression and suicide among our younger generation.

But, the liberal left doesn't stop there.  Now, sex education is becoming even more political than before.  Now, it is also an opportunity for them to push into the picture their agenda for normalizing homosexuality, and pushing their anti-science transgender political maneuver.

In Orange County, California, the latest version of sex education has been rejected by parents and the school districts specifically due to the nature of its LGBTQ indoctrination angle.  The requirement of the schools teaching that homosexual and other alternative sexual tendencies are normal is a State law that has been in place in California for two years.  "Underneath the law, mother and father can choose to withdraw their youngsters from all or a part of the great sex well being schooling program,”  stated Cynthia Butler, spokeswoman for the California Division of Schooling, “But a parent cannot withdraw a child from only the instruction on sexual orientation, relationships, gender and so on because this would violate state and federal anti-discrimination laws.”

Uh, is this a double-speak catch twenty two designed to keep parents from being able to choose what they think is best for their children?

And that, my friends, is what it really comes down to.  Parental rights.  Do you have a right to raise your child as you wish, or does an authoritarian state have the right to rip that right through your fingers?

Sex education is failing on so many levels, and the liberal left's response is that the failure of sex education means we need more of it, expansion of the sexuality topics involved, and more money for it.

If parents were to expose their children to the kind of materials sex education presents, they'd be in jail for child abuse.  If educators do it, they receive funding for it.  Not that all educators are immune.  Even in the world of leftist promiscuity and sexual deviance there are limits.  In fact, in Indiana, educators are facing the potentiality of felony charges for exposing their students to what is considered "obscene sex ed" due to the passage of a new measure".

The thing is, there is a dirty little secret that nobody is willing to divulge.  The dirty little secret is that the liberal left wants your children screwing at a young age.  They want promiscuity at all levels.  The liberal left needs the problems, because they need our free society to be unstable.  If it's not all screwed up, how can they vow to fix it?  The thing is, they have no solutions.  They want no solutions.  Crisis is a culture killer.  Crisis enables them to do things they could not normally do.  A society that rejects gender, and is so horny that everyone is screwing everyone, and nobody is batting an eye about it, is a society not only in crisis, but a society that rejects God.  And in the end, that's what it is all about.  Rejection of God so that they can establish their ruling class in His place.  If the people believe in God, they won't seek out governmental solutions.  If people believe in God, they won't worship the rulers of the man-made utopia that calls for equality at all costs.  If people rejects God, and government dependence and sexual deviance becomes their new god, and government is the supplier of those things, government becomes the new king of kings in everyone's lives.

It goes way beyond Cloward-Piven.  They don't want to just destroy society so that they may rebuild it in their image.  They want to destroy everything, including your faith in God, so that they can re-make the entire world into a secular collective ruled over by a select elite who claims to have the wisdom to properly engineer a new utopia where everyone is equal, there are no consequences for anything unless the government says so by force of law, and God has been eliminated.

In other words, the seek the communism proposed by Karl Marx.

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