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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rants and Raves of a trucker

When I am not doing side jobs, or writing in my book and blogs, I labor in the construction industry. And the machine I operate must be transported from jobsite to jobsite, and I do that too.

I have been driving big rigs for over six years, now, and to be honest, there are a lot of stupid people out there on the road.

My dad has been complaining about all of the idiots on the road ever since I can remember, but when you get behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler, they come out from the wood work.

This post is in hopes that some of those people are visiting my blog, and now it is time to learn something. And truckers, if I miss something, feel free to chime in on the comments.

*** If you are going to get in front of me, at least go the same speed (or faster) than me.

*** Onramps are long for a reason. Speed up to the flow of traffic, and if a big rig can't get out of your way, speed up or slow down (whichever is safer) and then merge with the traffic. Don't come on the freeway going twenty miles per hour under the limit, squeeze between the rig and the guard rail, flip the trucker off, and then speed away afterward. Especially if an uphill is coming. If the rig loses momentum, it may be a long time before the driver can get the rig up to a decent speed again.

*** The lane next to the slow lane is a passing lane for rigs. So, go faster than the rigs in the slow lane if you are going to be in that lane. Otherwise, move over to the slow lane.

*** When a rig is carrying a load uphill it will slow the truck down considerably. Anticipate that, take proper action, and don't get all freaky if you get stuck behind a slow rig. By not anticipating the slowing of the rig, nobody is to blame but yourself.

*** When a street shows weight limits, it is not because the heaviness of the rig will damage the road. Weight runs akin to size, etc. They just know that if a road is windy, or something, a truck over a certain weight may not be able to navigate it.

*** Rigs make wide turns if pulling a trailer. Please, oh please, don't get caught between a rig and the corner. A little patience may help.

*** When a big rig gets a new brake job (especially when on the trailer brakes) they tend to stink a little for a little while. Just because you can smell the rigs brakes, it does not necessarily mean that the driver has been abusing his brakes - though it could be a possibility.

*** To protect the brakes, a trucker is required to take downhills in lower gears. Don't be impatient. Wait, or go around. Please keep that finger in your fist.

*** A blown tire is like a shotgun blast, so don't spend too much time alongside a big rig if you don't have to be - especially on the highway.

Hope you enjoyed my rant and rave. If you want to read a political post by me, I posted one today regarding the Party of Reagan at My Point Right. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

You know, I've always wondered about this stuff, and I know truckers, but no one ever spelled it out this well for me. (Note: I used to replace advertising posters in truck stops up and down California - when I was younger - one of my first jobs.)

David Odeen said...

Oh Mudkitten be careful....Most respect Douglas, it's very very difficult work. Thumbs up!

Great article at My point also!!!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but I respect Douglas too.

David Odeen said...

Whoops sorry mudkitty...I did not mean that.. I meant to seperate it to be most respect for his work, not you disrespecting him..

For you though..i meant the hooror stories of truck stops and what heppens at these fine places...sorry dear.....

Anonymous said...

My work was day work, cleaning glass and changing posters.

I know of what you speak of too. But try to...understand...you know, not all truckers like anonymous gay sex.

I respect Doug's work too. I think he's a good writer, although I disagree with most, but not all of his premises.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

I'm not sure how the comments got haywire, there, but thanks for the respect. Mudkitty, as always, your very presence seems to light up the room - with lightning strikes from my other readers. However, none of your comments were anything but complimentary, and I appreciate it. Okay, now back to politics!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Back to politics!

Anonymous said...

'Excuse me, but I respect Douglas too.'
? Wow, where did that come from?
Mmmm, ok respect the person but not his opinion and faith...brillant!

' ...so don't spend too much time alongside a big rig if you don't have to be - especially on the highway.'
The smartest thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Is that a threat?