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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Religion, Politics, and six praying Muslim Imams

I originally posted this article yesterday on my Townhall Blog ( A Right Angle in a Left Turn World )

But the article came out so good, and I knew I'd get more feedback here at Political Pistachio, so here it is, in its entirety. Enjoy (or don't) - and I know my dear friend Mudkitty will have lots to say - and here's to hopin' she calls in to My Point Radio! I think her lefty point of view will spice up the show, and make for a real interesting segment. And hey, don't let her have all the fun - everyone else ought to call in too! I can't, I'll be on the road in my big rig, but I want to hear all of your voices when I listen to the archived show!


Now on with the post!

Talking Religion and Politics and the rights of six praying imams
Monday, November 27, 2006 10:08 PM

Tonight I was a guest on My Point Radio. Dave and Jenn, the hosts of the show, are Conservative Republicans, and first asked me to be on the show on November 13th. That particular show went off with a bang, and both my hits on my websites, and Dave's radio ratings went up. Tonight, they asked me to appear again on the show, and I was more than happy to oblige. The original motivation for the invite was my blog Political Pistachio, which has been growing in popularity of late. The first chapter of my latest manuscript, The Way of Deception, was the another bit of motivation.

Most people do not like talking about Religion and Politics, but tonight on My Point Radio, that is exactly what happened. It all began with a discussion about the six imams that were removed from a flight for praying in Minnesota.

Today, a demonstration was staged at Reagan Washington National Airport, demanding an apology from US Airways for barring the six Muslims from the flight bound for Phoenix in Minneapolis last week.

The tool used for this was a call for an end to racial profiling.

So why is this about Religion and Politics?

And as one famous criminal once said, "Why can't we all just get along?"

My friends, we are in the midst of a war. The war is larger than anyone realizes. The battleground extends beyond the battlefield where our troops are dying in the interest of protecting our freedoms. This is a Holy War, as the Islamic Radicals remind us, and I have to agree.

And the Islamic Radicals are using the ongoing war against Christianity waged by the liberal left to squeeze themselves in and get another shot at another 9/11 scenario.

Racial Profiling? Hardly. The actions against the praying imams was a matter of National Security. The imams are members of an violent terroristic ideology that we are currently at war with, and though they have a right to co-exist with Americans in this great nation, any action (I repeat, ANY ACTION) that may be deemed as a threat will not be tolerated, and if that action is murmering a prayer that sounds an awful lot like the prayers muttered by suicide bombers before they blow themselves up and kill Americans along with them, then it will not be allowed on our planes, or anyplace else it makes American citizens feel ill at ease.

And to bring into this situation Civil Rights questions regarding African Americans is wrong. This is not about race. This is about National Security. This is not about profiling, it is about National Security. The Religion of Peace, which has turned out to be a religion of violence, is waging a Holy War against the West. Christianity is not tolerated in their countries. Christians are hung by the throat for their faith in Muslim countries. Churches are destroyed in nations dominated by the Muslim faith. Yet here in the good ol' United States of America, if we feel threatened we are supposed to feel like we are in the wrong.


This is an issue of National Security.

Just because the liberal left is waging war on Christianity using the absurd idea of political correctness, it doesn't mean that we should drop our pants and allow this enemy to sneak in on us and kill more of our people by flying airplanes into buildings, or by any other means.

National Security, my friends. Protection of our very lives and freedoms is at stake.

We may not like to talk about religion and politics, but for the sake of our security, we better be taking action regarding religion and politics, or else the United States is finished as a nation.


Anonymous said...

It's certainly the way I feel about it. You're definately a lot better with words than I. A well written piece. I'd call in but you'd think I was nuts. Probably wouldn't be good...

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Gunz, all you have to do is say what you believe. As the verse goes, the truth shall set you free.

I think it would be fun for you to call in and put in your two cents, or two bucks, depending.

Gunny John said...

The chronically whiny won't rest until muslim nutjobs are free to roam the streets with their bomb belts that they claim are protected under the 1st Amendment.

Kind of like the popular email, it's not a traveling baseball team committing terrorist acts, it's Middle Eastern men (and now women). Profiling? You bet. It works. How many terrorist attacks has Israel's national airline suffered? None. Take a peek at their "profiling" tactics.

Anonymous said...

The chronicly paranoid will always be war mongers...history and liturature bear that out.

Oh yes, Israel, so safe, so secure...

David Odeen said...

Gunz, I am glad you enjoy the radio show, you can call in anytime, for sure!!!!!

Doug adds a lot too!!

CJB said...

Excellent post Douglas. You hit the nail on the head.

The Imams finally figured us out. All the other tactics were useless. But, use a ploy to throw political correctness into the mix and you have found America's weakness.

They finally figured out that while a report about a dead US soldier gets a little blurb in the back of a newspaper, a big story like the **gasp** shocking use of a racial slur is plastered all over the front page.

So, just cry "racial profiling" and the air marshals will now have to curtsey and hold you Koran and bomb belt whilst you board the plane.

People claim the US is hated because we are so elitest and selfish. Not hardly. They hate us because they watch our news and see what a huge deal us asshole Americans make over such trivialities while we ignore human suffering.

Darfur? Genocide? Not news! But, holy shit, Mchael Richards just said the N word! Stop the presses and clear the news channels, this is huge!

How many more have to die before a lot of people in this country get a foot up the ass reality check about what the hell is really important?

Unknown said...

Another fine post Doug! You call in anytime.

Mudkitty, shhhhhhhooooosh. Speak when you have something to say only, save us all the pain.

Sean Neoconnery said...

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

As Benjamin Franklin said at the Historical Review of Pennsylvania in 1759, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Anonymous said...

Fear, fear, fear.

Did anyone hear Jenn's show?

David Odeen said...

Jenn's Show? It takes two Kitty? Why don't you ask her. Jenn is the talent, I am the idea!!

Anonymous said...

I always stop by your site first, DG. (I need a dose of sanity before I go over there...as much as I love it, and it is possibly my fave rightwing site - next to yours, and old soldier's - there's so much "action" over there.)