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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Snowball Express

Outside of politics for a moment, for a good cause!

About the Snowball Express

Please help the children have a great time at Snowball Express and help fund scholarships and assistance programs for the families.

"For the children of our fallen warriors… Reaching out now and far into the future." - Michael Kerr
Those who protect us deserve our thanks, our support and our help. Those in the Armed Forces who have laid down their lives in service to our way of life deserve our gratitude and our commitment to helping the family members they left behind.

The Snowball Express will provide a holiday experience for every child who has lost a parent while serving in our military forces during the Afghanistan and Iraq conflict since 9/11. We will be bringing the children and surviving parent or guardian from throughout the nation to Orange County in mid-December, 2006 for a holiday party and a trip to Disneyland.

More importantly, it's so we don't forget those who secure our way of life.

There are many ways to help. From donations to long-term involvement by providing continuing support for the families.

Send a check to:

M. Scott Kerr Foundation
EIN #20-5627830
(Tax exempt status applied for)
Orange Coast Snowball Express
28241 Crown Valley Parkway, #401
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677


Anonymous said...

I'll do it...

I already send money to outfit snipers with the proper gear in Iraq and Afghanistan regularly...

Time to put some towards a great cause such as this.

Appreciate the info.

Anonymous said...

Gunz - you mean the American snipers...you don't mean it the way it sounds.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

how about to outfit American snipers? Is that good enough for you mudkitty?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

She's got issues...

I sent the check out Doug.

Anonymous said...

Gez, mudkitty would ya get a website already.

From deleted comment above.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, fight. I take that as a compliment. But even if I did get myself a website, I'd still never abandon you, cuz I love you too much!

atheling2 said...

Mudkittylitter is one of those liberals who have no ideas of their own, and no direction to go. Notice that with the Democratic Party? The party of "No"?

She's an example. She has to troll conservative sites in order to find something to say. She can't initiate thought, she can only respond to a thought.

She has issues, alright, and her poor upbringing reflects that.

Wouldn't want to be like that.