Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pearl Harbor Day and the lessons we refuse to learn

On December 7th, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, crippling our Naval Fleet and nearly demolishing our air power. 2,400 Americans died. Roosevelt wanted nothing to do with fighting a war with Japan, but Japan had other ideas. Some people even allude to the idea that Roosevelt's administration had an idea that the attack was coming, but there has never been any proof to support such conjecture.

The famous "Day of Infamy" speech aired over the radio that day in 1941, and as we did immediately after 9/11, the nation united and rose to the call.

Our men joined the military to fight for our freedom. The women assisted in producing the goods necessary for the war effort. An embargo was imposed on Japan for oil, steel, and scrap metal. Japan’s assets were frozen.

Shortly afterward, Germany declared war on the United States of America, and we joined the fight in Europe as well.

It took four years to defeat the enemy, and the troops came home as heroes. The courage of our parents and grandparents (depending on your age) kept us free, allowed liberty to live on, and forged America into a mighty weapon against evil, and those that would come against liberty and freedom.

Now, five years after an attack as horrific as Pearl Harbor, if not more horrific, we have proven that we learned nothing from our elders. The enemy is more hostile, has struck us on the mainland, and like the Kamakazees is willing to embark on suicide missions to kill us.

But our leaders want to open dialogue with this enemy. Appease them as Europe attempted to appease Hitler during the years leading up to his invasion of Poland. An Iraq Study Group has been formed desiring to negotiate with the leader of Iran, the very same man that has told us to convert or die. The group recommends talking with Iran and Syria without even blinking an eye in consideration of Lebanon (a nation falling once again under the tyranny of these violent neighbors), the study group calls for Israel to give up the Golan Heights to try to appease her enemies.

The same kind of think tank offered to give land to Hitler, and then he took more than what was offered.

You can't reason with the unreasonable. Didn't we learn that on December 7th, 1941? Didn't we learn that doing nothing against our enemies spells defeat? Evil will triumph, and destroy our nation if we simply talk.

I grieve those that lost their lives on December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001. We owe it to them, their families, their loved ones, and every American citizen to stand firm, stand our ground, and finish what was started. We must stand united against this enemy, or they will divide us within.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post. I agree we are making mistakes in the War on Terror. We MUST win. There is no other option.

I am just now opening my laptop. Contractors have my house torn up, plastic everywhere, paint fumes. Today is the first day I have left Right Truth unattended. I feel rotten, like I have let folks down.

Thanks for the comments.h

Gunny John said...

I was wondering how many blogs I'd see that even mentioned what December 7th is the anniversary of. Great post brother.

David Odeen said...

spot on mate!

MDConservative said...

Great piece, and if you would like a good article that compares the situations and has a great quote from the president I encourage you to look at my Dec 7 post:

I agree not enough people have posted about Pearl Harbor. Good piece and I hope more people are able to draw the connections as you have and realize where we stand.

Semper Fi Mom said...

Great post! You made some excellent points. I especially loved your point about not being able to "reason with the unreasonable."

De'on Miller said...

great for all of us to remember. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just a little less than 5 years before I was born, my father served in WWII. My Mother worked for McDonald Douglas back then and my Brothers and Sister were taken care of by next door neighbor lady until my Mother got back home. They lived not far from the McDonald Douglas Plant where she worked with sheet metal refitting and popriviting on the planes that needed to be fixed.

atheling2 said...

My Dad ran away when he was 17 to join the Merchant Marines and be in the war. He didn't want to wait because it was already 1945 and he didn't want to be left out.

Lots of men did that.

God Bless America