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Friday, January 12, 2007

I was accused by e-mail to be just another rightwing blowhard

I received this e-mail below that is not unlike ones that I occassionally receive, but this one gave me such a laugh, I just had to share. Remember, this guy is a lefty. (Like you wouldn't have figured out by reading this garbage)

Dear Douglas,

I found your page through a link in the moderatevoice.com and I must say you and your views disgust me. If you are so pro-Bush and pro-war, why the hell aren't you over in Iraq tough guy? I'm sure you've heard that troops are needed haven't you? What's holding you up? I mean come on, put your money where your mouth is. Pick up a gun and get your ass over there man...or wait. Maybe you are just another bag of hot air who loves to talk about war, and imagine it, and pretend about how noble it is, but don't want to get anywhere near it...because you are nothing more than a coward Douglas. I bet you still play with army men and GI Joe's don't you?

You are just another right-wing blow hard who loves putting other people in harms way (and for what?!) and berating other Americans like me who don't feel the same. Too afraid to do anything but sit at home in your pajamas between jerk-off sessions and fire blanks at imagined enemies like "the democratic party and the left-wing media" as you so eloquently put it in your insipid little "biography". BTW Douglas, in case you didn't know this, biographies are supposed to tell a little about you...the BS you put down is more like a mission statement OK? Punks like you make me sick.

Again, if you are just so certain about it all, grow a pair and get down to your recruitment officer. We need more people like you over in Iraq dying for nothing.

Interesting, huh? Now for my response:

Dear reader,

Sorry you don't agree with my points of view, but be careful what you say about my not participating in the fight in Iraq. I was once in the military. I am a partially disabled veteran that was medically discharged, and now I drag my carcass to the veteran's hospital many times a year just to keep the old bod working. I wish I could "put my money where my mouth is" and be a part of fighting for liberty. Understand, I am not pro-war. I wish that such efforts as the one in Iraq was not necessary. However, I realize that conflict is sometimes necessary to protect the nation. Also, I grew up in the household of a United States Marine, and was raised around honor and discipline. Fact is, I believe that doing nothing only puts us as a nation in jeopardy. Freedom, in my opinion, is something that must be continuously fought for.

Thanks for visiting, nonetheless.

Oh, by the way, of course my bio is a mission statement. I'm an unpublished writer that would like to create a buzz about myself that will help me get published someday. At least I have a free enterprise goal, rather than sucking off of the tax payers like most folks that lean way to the left.

God Bless,


Okay, folks, I know that I shouldn't care what morons like this guy says, and believe me, it really doesn't bother me a bit. But in his rant against me notice the hate, and the venom. Liberals spend so much time accusing conservatives of being hate-mongers, and they fail to look inward. Most interesting is that he didn't leave a comment on my site. He either did not want me to know where his site is (if he has one...folks like this usually comments anonymously anyway), or he was afraid that he would be berated by my readership. So, who's really the coward?


KurtP said...

At least he gave you some blogfodder.

I listen to these Libs and hear alot of transferrence(?) in their accusations.

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at the depth of their name calling and hate. They talk about civil discourse and then they spout hate and name calling. Sad statement on society today.

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed at the depth of their name calling and hate. They talk about civil discourse and then they spout hate and name calling. Sad statement on society today.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for taking the high road, Douglas. Great response.

Anonymous said...


If lib want's to call dg a blowhard, they're going to have to go thru me first.

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug,

I think that is so cute that Mudkitty is willing to stick up for you, she's loyal to you Doug.

Mudkitty that was very nice of you to stick up for Doug.

Erica said...

I had a similar hatefest over at my site until he/it became so disruptive and unable to comport himself appropriately that I had no choice but to ban him from Haloscan and temporarily disable my Blogger comments.

In one of my comments (now disabled, but I'm sure I could still access it), he accused me and my "neo-con friends" of not going over to Iraq and fighting there myself.

And the truth, which I addressed in the same meme that you did, I attempted to enlist in the military right out of high school but wasn't allowed since I am an asthmatic and take medication for it. The recruitment officer told me that asthma pumps aren't allowed on base. A shame, since I was ready to fight for my country at a moment's notice (in whichever roles in the military they place women in these days).

The extremists on the left (a.k.a. my commie bastid in particular) never considered, once, that if we could be there, defending freedom and American, we could.

In the meantime, since I'm not allowed to fight abroad, I'll just stand and cheer in the sidelines for the troops, pray they do, eventually, all come home safe, sound and in one piece, and with God's help we will never have to fight the likes of the ready-to-die-on-the-yank-of-a-cord Islamofascist baboons ever again.

They are an evil the likes of which cannot easily be measured against in the annals of evil.

Anonymous said...

Islamofacist baboons? That's what the Nazi's said about jews...they called them baboons, and evil, etc.