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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nancy Pelosi's Back-Patting

I was watching Face the Nation on Sunday, and Bob Schieffer's guest was Nancy Pelosi. The show began normal enough. Bob congratulated Nancy for her move up in the world, he commented on how she immediately challenged Bush (I guess by saying what she always says and pounding her gavel a few times), and then they moved on to the War in Iraq.

I won't quote, here. The link to the entire exchange is above. But, for the most part, Nancy said some things that seemed reasonable, and some things that reaked of her liberal position. Of course, she also made sure that the viewer was aware that this war was contrary to the will of the American People. Fine, she's entitled to her opinion, idiotic as it may be. Just remember, the majority of the opinion polls held by the media are held in the Northeast (blue state galore) and Los Angeles (the home of Hollyweird). I don't think they ask Joe American in the Bread Basket of America, or what not, his opinion very often, and probably for good reason.

She also indicated that Congress will not cut funding to the troops, but won't increase funding either. So much for troop escalation, not that I agree with the number Bush came up with for the increase in troops. I don't think we should increase the troop levels too greatly, though I think a reasonable increase is warranted, but we definitely don't need less troops in the region. What we require in Iraq is more weaponry, and a defined strategy that keys in on winning, not defending. If you play defense in a chess game you may last a while, but you will eventually lose. To win you must be on the offense, decisive, precise, and clever. You many lose a few pawns in the process, but check-mate will come if you are always on the offensive while protecting your pieces simultaineously.

Pelosi indicated that she believes we ought to increase the size of our military, but not necessarily increase the size of our presence overseas.

Bob asked if there would be chaos if we pull out. Her response? "There's chaos now?"

What's the definition of chaos? Lots of people with guns sneaking up and taking pop-shots at our troops? Sunnis and Shiites shooting each other when they aren't setting up IEDs? Gunfights in the streets of Baghdad? That isn't chaos. That's war. Now, if our guys were running around in circles with no weapons and targets on their backs, then that would be chaos. Hmmm, actually that description fits what it's like when the boys from the UN with their blue helmets show up.

Then, after a little talk about penalizing our wealthy for success, which would in turn break the backs of the middle class as jobs get cut through the trickle down economics of increased taxes on the upper-class, she vaguely alluded to the universal health care idea. Sure, universal health would be great. Higher tax to pay for it, whether you utilize it often or not. Longer waits, decreased quality of care, economic slowdown. Thanks, but no thanks.

Oh, and then she says, to pay for their many packages taxes may go up. Oh, how comforting, they may go up. That's much better than definitely. Wait, she's a liberal, "may" means "definitely".

Then on to ethics. Ethics? Liberal Ethics? Oxymoron.


Then Bob Schieffer made a grave error in judgment. He asked, "As a woman. . . "

This leads to the main point of this post.

In the transcript you can't pick up tone and body language. However, her words since moving up to be Speaker of the House is more than evident. To hear her brag about her election as Speaker is to hear a woman act like it is the greatest step for a woman since passage of the 19th ammendment which allowed women to vote. Hey, don't get me wrong, becoming Speaker of the House, especially as the first woman, is an accomplishment, and I am sure it is inspiring to many young women out there that wish to enter the political forum, but Pelosi has been so self-congratulatory that it is making people sick.

Besides, what about Condi Rice? Nobody in the press or on the left made a big deal about it when Condoleezza Rice became Secretary of State on January 26, 2005. She was the first black woman to become Secretary of State, and is fourth in line to be President. Now that is an accomplishment to be patted on the back for.

But all we heard back then was the sound of crickets.

My dear, Nancy Pelosi, understand this. Nobody will think much of your accomplishment if you have to go around telling everybody about it. Greatness is judged by action, not words.

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Anonymous said...

Well Doug that is because the left always considered Condoleezza Rice and Colon Powell as Uncle Tom's. Just look back or research back at what Harry Belafonte used to call them "The Masters Slaves"

Anonymous said...

Great post, Doug - I'm glad I missed the show, could have ruined my entire Sunday. :)

blank said...

A woman as Speaker of the House is a great giant step for the nation, a great piece of history and an event to be noted.

The election of the extremist Nancy P. to be THAT woman -- well time will tell and should not pre-judge, but I will say, she will either bring honor or shame to the achievement, and the first signs of extreme partizanship are not the stuff of great honor.

prying1 said...

You are just so mean and terrible to talk about Nancy Pelosi that way. Tough guy huh? beating up on the weak and mindless huh?

You shouldn't criticise her because she is a woman! When will you learn to practice political correctness?

As soon as you do we can gather in a circle and sing, Michael Row the Boat Ashore and Kum Bah Yah

Let me know when you're ready.

Anonymous said...

To Douglas,

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Gunny John said...

It annoys me that Pelosi is in charge of anything more important than an outhouse. I'm sure she'll put forth as much effort as she can in her attempts to run this nation into the ground.