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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Conquest by Demanding Special Privileges

I wrote yesterday's post, Minority Rules, with the intention to give the benefit of the doubt to Muslims that do not support the ideals of their Radical counterparts. I hoped to convey that Islam is not unlike some other groups in history (such as the Nazis) where the minority became the visible representatives because they were louder and more brash.

Today, on Fox News, a statistic was provided that made me shudder. In Britain, in a survey conducted recently, 50% of Muslims in that country support the radical agenda of Radical Islam. 50%! That's half!

Liberals tend to state that we haven't experienced another 9/11 scenario because the terrorists are either not capable, or don't care enough about us to do it again. I beg to differ.

When Radical Islam attempted to divide the United States by attacking our nation on September 11, 2001, America did something that the radicals did not expect. We united. Coupled with the fact that we have taken the fight to them, the enemy has determined that the way to divide us is not by another terror attack, or at least not yet. Terrorism worked wonders on Spain, and a number of other nations, but Americans have this thing about uniting when pushed against the wall.

So, Radical Islam has decided that the way to defeat the West is by using our liberty and political correctness against us. Now, Muslims all over the Western World are gradually demanding special privileges. They expect us to bend over backwards for them in our countries in the name of fairness, while in the Muslim dominated regions the Islamists give no such consideration to Christians, Jews, or anyone else that is non-Muslim, for that matter. And what's worse, the non-Muslim taxpayer usually winds up paying for such privileges (such as the turning of the toilets in London's prisons so that Muslims do not have to face Mecca, or have their back to it, when doing their business).

And all the while, we grin and comply.

Do liberals and other so-called enlightened people not understand that when they call for the domination of the world by Islam, they mean it?

In the politically correct arena Islamists claim they want to be accepted and treated as equals in our society, as they bring devisiveness. The truth is, they believe that they are superior to non-Muslims, requiring themselves to be segregated from non-Muslims while residing in OUR society, and believing that eventually they will overrun Western Culture, bringing Sharia Law to the entire globe.

Instead of moving ahead, Islam wishes civilization to hurtle back in time, to an age of barbarism where civil rights only exist for the fortunate few, where women have no rights, and supremacy is determined by who wields the quickest sword.

The Islamists are demanding praying rooms, special restrooms with facilities to wash their feet for prayer, special seating on buses and planes, special accomodations, special this, special that. What's next? Muslim only drinking fountains? I thought we did away with the practice of segregation in the sixties.

I have no problem with people coming to America, or any other free nation, seeking a new life and a peaceful environment. Freedom is a precious thing, and should not be accepted lightly. But these Islamists are mocking our liberty. They have found our weakness, and it is our kindness and giving nature. They are using our liberty against us. Their conquest of the West has begun, and most of us don't even realize it.

Oh, and remember that bit about making sure the toilets in a London prison point somewhere other than Mecca for the Muslim prisoners? The way Radical Islam has me feeling right now; honestly, if I knew where Mecca was, I'd point toward it to do my business of evacuating my bladder.


Anonymous said...

Do liberals and other so-called enlightened people not understand that when they call for the domination of the world by Islam, they mean it?
No Doug they don't understand because the Liberals are called enlightened because there is nothing upstairs.

Gunny John said...

The left continues to downplay the real threat that Islam itself represents, while blaming the current administration for not doing enough about it. Huh? They need to pick a platform, and stick to it. At least that way, we'd all know where they really stand (as if we didn't already).

Anonymous said...

Well Gunny stole my thunder, but basicly we can defeat terror, but we can not seem to defeat the liberal disbelief of reality.

A perfect example is right here sometimes with your commenter from the left, ts almost fantasy in the comments. No reality.

BTW: Doug, this is some excelent writing on the subject, very good!

cary said...

I've been preaching the same, DG. It seems the more it is obvious what the islams are doing, the less the libs want to acknowledge the inevitable end result.

We must unite as a country and defeat the terrorists - not only in islam, but here on our own soil - especially the ones that seem to think that islam is peaceful...

Anonymous said...

Say Cary,

especially the ones that seem to think that islam is peaceful

Yea right islam is peaceful and penguins fly too.

Obob said...

I like the line about the "quicker sword." Unfortunately our sword has been dulled by the media thugs and rusted by our left.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Thanx for the compliments, dtodeen, Cary, John, Rider, Obob.

kris said...


What you got here in the UK is "liberal" white guilt for the way that they have handled the colonies/commonwealth (Nigeria etc)

So they are applying their same hand wringing response to islamo fascism- and really taking advantage of British tolerance and accomodation of those coming to the "mother country".

Trouble is, neither the US or UK is these muppet's mother country and, unlike Jamacians or Indians who have British culture as part of their own values, islam is a wholly different set of traditions and values.

It's even worse when the radicals prey and whip it up to get everyone believing that God wants Islam by force (a calaphate) that spans the world.

My point is, most people come the both the US and UK to integrate and to become American or British. Not only do these guys not want that, they want to have a green flag flying over parliament and the white house.

The trouble is British white libers are used to patting immigrants on the head and saying, "as a liberal, I allow you to want to live as you see fit".

But if the way they see fit is to deny ME basic human rights and equal citizenship, we have a problem!

But as the white male liberals allow the unofficial imposition of Sharia, my rights as a woman and lesbian are being sold down the river. In fact, the rights of muslim women are being positively ignored! The liberals say, "oh, muslim women want to be subjugated"

THAT is what you are dealing with...and why I started my blog. I am living in the middle of PC thought on the very subject. And every time I raise the above thoughts, people try to shout me down as racist.

Anonymous said...

every time I raise the above thoughts, people try to shout me down as racist.

Welcome to the Liberal Utopia Kris.

Anonymous said...

So instead of making this a misguided essay about Islam, it's a misguided essay about liberals.

"Their conquest of the West has begun..." Do you realize they were driven back from Spain, by forces less modern then ours for goodness sakes? Get a sense of history.

Is it not the goal of Christians to convert every person to Christianity to fulfill your god's will? If not by the sword, then by the legislature, dispite freedom of religion in this country? (Meaning that I would be on death row today, if rightwingers had their way, since I had a voluntery abortion, in addition to my two ectopics.)

No, no religious fanatics should ever be taken lightly, no matter who they are. Somethings are obvious.


How's the Bush's own National Intel Estimate working out for you guys?

Anonymous said...

So, DG - how do you feel about religious accomidations for the Boy Scouts? Et al.?

Anonymous said...

Churches in this country doen't have to pay taxes. Why is that? They take in tremendous amounts of income.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Did you place Christianity in the same light as Islam? I would expect a statement like that from Rosie O'Donnell, but not from you. Okay, read carefully. The Muslims were driven back by forces less modern that ours because they attempted only a military conquest, and Spain was willing to do things that we have our hands tied regarding, such as going in with both barrels blazing and taking no prisoners. You asked if it was Christianity's goal to convert everyone to fulfill God's will. Hmmm, yes, sort of. Okay, Christianity sees it as that we are a race of humans that fail to obey God and that is why we get into the messes we get into. Despite our sinful nature, God provided a way into His graces through Jesus Christ. Christians, recognizing this as good news, wants to share this good news with everyone so that they may convert and enjoy the joys God has to offer now, and in eternity. But, it is the choice of the person. If the potential convert, however, rejects Christ, the Christian recognizes it as their duty to warn the person that denial of Christ will result in an unpleasant end eternally. This information is not given for force anybody to accept Christ. It is only a declaration of the consequences. Islam differs. Theirs isn't of good news, but of "convert or we kill you." That is very different, and you know it. As for the non-profit organization status for churches, they are not taking a profit for a product they are producing. Give me a break. Are you really that bitter against Christians? Do you truly not understand Christianity that well? I thought you'd defend my right to praise Jesus on the highest rooftops? Islam is the desert people referred to in the old testament, so you are right in the sense that this is nothing new. However, unlike the days of when Spain drove them out, they have learned that their conquest can be done in different ways. They can accomplish their means by devious measures not tried before, which mainly includes collapsing us from within. I know that you see this as poor innocent Muslims being demonized, and that the terror threat I refer to as being nothing more than a manufactured threat created to suit Bush's decision to go into Iraq, and the dark designs of the West's Judaeo-Christian culture. But if you were to listen to Islam, truly listen to what they say in their mosques, and in rallies in the Middle East, and to the Muslim Converts in Britain, America, Australia, and so forth, you would realize that this is not something to take lightly. The imams know what they are doing, and they are playing folks like you for a fool. We need to stand against their tyranny, or else that little war we had with the Axis powers in the 1940's will be nothing compared to what is coming.

Anonymous said...

DG - I place all religions in the same light, and all fanatics in the same light regardless of religion. You know that.

And I do defend your right to praise your religion, what ever it may be, DG from the rooftops. I defend everyone's right to praise their religion from their rooftops.

I've listened to the crazy nuts in the Islam religion. I've listened to the crazy nuts in all religions, including yours, of which, I may add, there are many. There are crazy nuts in all religions.

I think the Christians who want holy war with Islam are just as dangerous as the Islamist who want holy war with Christians. Unfortunetly for the rest of us, it's somewhat of a perfect marriage, at the world's expense.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Islam sees it as a holy war. Christians see it as protecting our nation from another terrorist attack from a radical ideology that only wishes for Christian and Jewish destruction. Islam is willing to do anything to forward their means, including strapping bombs to themselves. They envision a world under the Sharia Law. They envision domination. Christians simply wish to protect their own. Islam wishes to force their religion on you, Christians wish to spread the good news and make it available to you. Islam spreads their religion by spreading fear and war. Christians through love and hope. Islam is on the offensive. Christianity is on the defense, but will take the offense if necessary to protect the nation. Big difference.

Anonymous said...

DG - somehow I don't see you speaking for Islam as a whole. I do think however that you see it as a holy war. Would you deny that?

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

depends on your interpretation of holy war. To me a holy war is a war over who should be the dominant religion. That is not the case. However, it is a holy war in the sense that we are battling an enemy that believes in radical religious ideals. Thing is, this isn't Christianity against Islam. This is freedom loving peoples that so happen to have their society based on Christian values battling an enemy that wishes to force their ideals upon us by any way necessary, and the driving force is their religion. This is a holy war to them, not to us. If this was a holy war to us, then you would have to proclaim that the United States is a theocracy, and it is far from that. As usual, Mudkitty, you are using absolutes to explain things that are more complex than what is on the surface. Besides, being an atheist and claiming that you are not a part of this "Holy War" as you call it won't stop the enemy from lobbing your head off if they could. They are indescriminant killers, for the most part, unless you are Muslim and agree with their radical agenda.

kris said...

I said: "But if the way they see fit is to deny ME basic human rights and equal citizenship, we have a problem!"

That is at the heart of this problem Kitty.

Come to London and you will see they are not satisfied with just getting on with life. They are actively looking for ways, in alliance with orthodox jews and christians I might add, to find ways to discriminate against women, gays and lesbians.

They want an official law, and a recognition of unofficial "personal" or religious law. But we don't have that in western legal systems. Our law comes from the top (constitution) down- and not from the bottom up- with some Imam (literally!) calling the shots.

So come on Kitty. Have a go. If you do, it will be for the sake of having a go- as you know good and well I am right on this one.

Tom said...

This is an interesting comment;

Liberals tend to state that we haven't experienced another 9/11 scenario because the terrorists are either not capable, or don't care enough about us to do it again. I beg to differ.

This is what we call a "straw man argument". The way it works is that one person states what the "oppositions" viewpoint is, and then debunks it. It's very easy to win an argument when you simply pull out of your ass the viewpoint of the "opposition".

Which "liberals" have "tended to state" that position? Link to anything? Who are these nefarious liberals who don't understand "terrorism"?

I don't claim to speak for an entire political movement, but I suspect that there has not been another "9/11" for any number of reasons. It may be that they are thwarted by American authorities, of whichever jurisdiction. It may be a lack of resources, or motivation. It's anyone's guess..

But, to the point, I find a constant use of straw man arguments to be reflective of an inability to form coherent counter-arguments on the real issues.

Anonymous said...

Kris, it's as simple as "person's right to swing their arm ends with your nose."