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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The game was super, but CBS wasn't

Right off the bat near the beginning of the big game Katie Couric comes on the screen advertising for the CBS News, and begins the commercial saying, "We hear so much about what's wrong with America. . ."

What the hell?

Then the ad plays a second time, and a third time.

I had to hear that junk three times!

The advertisement completed its segment saying, ". . . can-do spirit in education, business, and health. . .Good people doing great things on the CBS Evening News."

As if that is a rarety?

Is there something wrong with America? It must be so - - - CBS says so.

I mean, look at the horribly disfigured economy . . . oh, wait, bad example. Our economy is strong as heck and our unemployment rate is below 5%. Okay, sorry, look at the troubled stock market. . . oh, wait, it's hitting all-time highs. Hmmm. Wait, I'll come up with one. The war on terror - that's it - that's what's wrong with America. This war is causing the terrorists to get mad and attack us. . . wait, hmmm, there's been no attacks on American soil since 9/11. Hang on, I'll find that "so much" stuff that is wrong with America (must be true, Katie Couric says so). Hmmm, let me think. Racism? Not really, not in any resemblance to decades past, anyway. How about sexism? Nope, Katie is a high ranking idiot at CBS, and she's a woman; and we have a woman speaker of the house, and Hillary is poised to run for president, so sexism isn't what's wrong with America. Wait, it's the border. . . nope, can't go there, the jumpers are free to jump the border anytime, so from a liberal point of view the rights of the illegals being squashed by those horrid patriotic people that believe the U.S. should remain sovereign is not yet a problem.


Oh, wait, I know what it is. Gosh, and it was under my nose all along. I knew it. If Katie Couric says there's a lot wrong with America, it must be so. Here it goes: The wealthy make too much money after all of that hard work and time they've invested in whatever it is that made them wealthy, and to be fair and equal they should hand over a lot of that money in the form of taxes to people that do less, and are less deserving of it so that they may continue to live the good life on welfare programs; and there are still those narrow-minded people out there trying to save the lives of unborn children; and our enemy that would like to chop our heads off don't have enough special privileges yet; and Christians are still allowed to follow their silly little religion; and the Border Patrol has not been disbanded yet; and the government doesn't control everything under our nose yet - - - oh, gosh, this is horrid, there is so much wrong with America - - - what do you say we send greetings cards to the radical terrorists apologizing for defending ourselves, requests to Europe to learn how they have stripped their people of so many freedoms and embraced socialism, create home abortion kits (oh, wait, we have that in the form of a pill - my bad), take all of the money away from the rich and hand it out to everyone sitting at home, seize the corporations and place them under government control, and outlaw Christianity as we grant radical Islam more rights so that we don't offend them.

Does that sound fair?

And while we are at it, replace that blue field of stars on our flag with either a hammer and sickle, or a crescent moon.

I have three words for CBS and Katie Couric: Kiss My Butt.


Anonymous said...


Doug I agree with you there I have three words for CBS and Katie Couric: Kiss My Butt.

Those Liberal Socilistic Commies want to run the United States like the Marxist did in Russia.

AtriaBooks said...

Is it possible that you and CBS have the same exact message?

Katie said: "We hear so much about what's wrong with America. . ."

I's true, we do hear that. And you HATE hearing crap like that and rightly so. And since you hate hearing that, you lay out examples citing can-do spirit in education, business, and health. . .Good people doing great things just to prove the above statement wrong.

Could CBS be doing the same thing?

cary said...

Since I don't watch CBS, I don't know if they are doing as the good Dr. says; however, I do know that the majority of the news outlets are not trumpeting our successes, they are only lamenting our perceived weaknesses. And, in true leftist fashion, not offering any suggestions for improvement.

I believe that this country is in great shape, we just need to get some fresh, "America First" leadership into position. Then watch us go!