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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Illegals versus Immigrants

Yesterday on the way home from work my brother was riding with me. He's nine years younger than me, but has been in the company a year and a half longer. We round out the top the food chain as far as employee ranking, and due to his skills, he is known in the company as the Golden Boy.

He wasn't sounding so golden to me last night. He made the remark that the tags for the radio show I had last Saturday indicated that we would talk about illegals, but the subject was never mentioned. True enough, the first show was a learning experience, and honestly, there were many things that can be improved upon, like covering more subject matter, making my voice louder, and reading comments by my readers and listeners are a few of them.

So, the discussion began with him telling me that I was prejudice against Mexicans.


My wife is Mexican.

"You think she's white," he said. "Besides, what would we do without the illegals here to do the sh*tty jobs? Whites won't do that kind of work."

First of all, I never said I had a problem with immigrants or Mexicans or anybody else with more pigmentation in their skin. I have a problem with people who jump across illegally, stick their hand out because they think they are entitled to programs funded by my hard earned tax dollars, and then spit on the American flag as they wave the flag of Mexico.

And I hate that argument that the Mexican does jobs whites aren't willing to do. Do people really think that if the Mexican laborer never came here to pick our fruits and vegetables, that the food would rot on the branches and work its way back into the soil because nobody would be willing to pick it? Toilets wouldn't get cleaned? Lawns would be unmowed? Dishes would pile up at the restaurants because all white people would refuse to clean them, thinking they are better than that? Get a life. I guarantee you, if a job is available, there will always be someone there to fill the position, regardless of color, race, nationality, or level of sense.

And legal immigrants made this nation great, not the kind hopping the border nowadays. I love immigrants that are happy to be here, desiring to be the best American they can be. I have a problem with law breakers that demand entitlements, commit crimes, and then proclaim they are taking back the American Southwest for Mexico. If you don't plan to be an American, and have no intention to play by the rules, go back home. We are better off without you.


Anonymous said...

First off...your show was really good...and when you get hijacked by us callers, of course subjects get changed. That one hour fly's by.

Secondly, it is all about illigel's crossing, and our leaders inability to confront it. My wife too Doug is of a darker shade then me. She is an Eskimo, which people have no idea why she looks the way she does. It's about ther person not the skin color. Blah blah..one almost wants to give up!

Anonymous said...

Secondly, I don't think DG is a bigot, but I feel he's been taken in by bad arguments that paint undocumented workers in the worst possible light.

3rdly - It's not about the job, DG, it's about the wage.

4thly - Dave, I'm curious, Eskimo? Or Inuit? What is the preferred term around your house?

Tom said...

"I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas." - Karl Rove

I'll keep agreeing with DG on the immigration issue to a point. The rule of law is the rule of law, and border security needs to be improved and illegals deported.

I'll also agree with Bush that we need a guest worker program that enables immigrants to work here legally. I can't see how anybody could be a free market capitalist and oppose that. That way, we could get everyone documented and tax them the same way everyone else is taxed. Everyone wins. The immigrants have a job, Americans have cheap labor, and the IRS gets more tax revenue.

Unknown said...

1st)Why should Rove's kid pick tomatoes or make beds in Vegas? Just because Rove want's something better for his kid doesn't make him any less of a person. On a side note, I used to pick and dry apricots when I was a teen. Made good dough.

2nd) I know many of the illegals that lived at my old apartment complex actually made more than I did. Specifically because many got paid cash under the table, and didn't pay taxes. Oh and living 20 to a 2 bedroom apartment. They didn't HAVE to live that way, they did it so they could send all of their ill gotten gains back to Mexico. Sure you can blame the employer, but then again, the poepl take the money knowing what they are doing is wrong.

3rd) The illegals that are here currently will never sign up for a guest worker program. And until we close the darn border we'll never stave the flow.

Anonymous said...

People migrate. It's a human fact.

Anonymous said...

To bad mudslide was born female.

She missed a prime opportunity to be called 'sun'[son] by her parents because she's so darn 'bright'...

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks!

Anonymous said...

...'paint undocumented workers in the worst possible light.'
I see you still don't get the meaning of 'Illegal'

'People migrate. It's a human fact.'
It's a FACT undocumented workers ARE Illegal Aliens!