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Friday, June 22, 2007


The Liberal Left is good at accusing the Right of things without pulling their heads out of their butts first.

Example: A certain liberal that loves to post about me (he says it's because what I write provides so much fodder) said that I said I was against the war and for it in the same post. It took me a while to figure out what he meant. Then, when in a conversation with a liberal friend, the answer spewed out of my friend's mouth. Apparently when I say that I detest war, feel it is not a good thing, and I would prefer that we did not have to fight war - then say that I see this war against terror, and the battlefield in Iraq, as necessary in order to defend our liberty and way of life, that is seen by The Left as a contradiction.

Or how about when I said that Nifong needs to go to prison - he accused me of not wishing Nifong to go through due process. Obviously, I believe that he must have a fair trial. It is a given. I didn't think I needed to spell that out.

Then, later, after ranting about my Christian Values, he told me to shove my values up my ass.

Ann Coulter was right about the Left. Godless.

Okay, let's get back to the War on Terror - which is essentially a war against an ideology called "Islam" that has determined that you and I must be converted or be killed.

Evil has a way of becoming deadly if left to its own devices and not challenged by those that oppose them. I am speaking of the genocide in Cambodia, slaughters in Vietnam, Korea, and Red China, Stalin's mass murders, Hitler's concentration camps, Soviet domination of Eastern Europe until Reagan orchestrated the collapse of the USSR, and of course Saddam's reign of terror. Communism alone was responsible for over 94 million deaths, and the number is still rising. Liberals fail to recognize that this war on terror is more than what you see on the surface. It is a war of ideas and a test of wills. Right now Islam is playing offense and thanks to our appeasing liberal friends, America is currently on defense. You cannot merely react to terror, you must confront it and press forward where you can. The liberal cries for containment and detente is a recipe for failure. And as we bend over backwards for the invaders, we must remember before we let them get too cozy in our nation that throughout history the world's greatest powers have rarely been conquered from outside without first collapsing from within.

And one way to protect ourselves is to stop the bleeding at the border. One liberal once reminded me that none of the terrorists on 9/11 were here illegally. So? Does that mean we shouldn't worry about invaders and terrorists coming into America in that manner? Are liberals truly that stupid? Don't respond to that, the answer is obvious.

Relaxing our guard will be seen as weakness by the enemy, and a chance for them to expand further. As long as the Democrats keep trying to reason with these animals we are on a path to defeat. This is not me thinking that America can be taken over easily. I have a lot of faith in my country, but on the same token, I am not prepared to hand my nation to the Islamists on a silver platter. Liberals seem to refuse to accept that Islamism is by definition evil and oppressive, and will stop at nothing to bring the West down.

The liberals, when observing the conservative viewpoint of dealing with terror from a position of strength, sees the Right as bloodthirsty and militaristic. Fact is, the Islamists are playing us like a fiddle. They ignore the human rights violations that they themselves commit against their own people, and they could care less if we have a problem with their violent expansionism into Europe, Africa, and Asia. They have nothing to fear, because the appeasing Left in the West is doing their work for them when it comes to defeating the West from within. Liberal special interest groups, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party are all working together to thwart the progress of liberty in the world. The liberal peace movement claims that they are thinking of the children. Guess what, liberals? Those children have guns pointed at us too!

Does this mean that I believe we should be going around killing women and children? Not on your life. But I guarantee you, if a woman or child had a gun pointed at my head, I'd pull my own trigger.

Liberals are shocked when Conservatives condemn Islamism in purely ideological terms. They are abhorred by the very thought that The Right would dare say that the enemy has no moral core, believing that they have the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat, to achieve their goals. How dare we prefer, and claim to be better, the ideas that individual liberty, representative government, and the rule of law under God.

The Left is stunned that conservatives not only wish to defend ourselves against the tyranny of Islamic Terror, but wish to overthrow Islamism and disarm it in any way possible.

Conservative principles denounce the brutality of terror, and conservatives are angry at the Left for excusing and coddling Islamism. Fact is, Islamism's goal is world domination and the destruction of Western Values. The naive belief by liberalism that people are basically good and that society is to blame for their evils is idiotic. Talking with people who do evil allows them to do more evil. You cannot reason with the unreasonable. When a bully is bent on nothing other than your destruction, it is time to fight, and you must do it without hesitation, or you will be knocked on your ass.

I am not afraid to see the enemy for who they are. And I am not afraid to say the politically incorrect statement that America is essentially good, and our system is better than the system of those other nations. In the face of danger, we must defend ourselves. We cannot afford to misread Islamism. We cannot afford to abandon our values. And we cannot afford to listen to a Democrat led Congress that would rather wave a white flag of surrender. Their approval rating isn't 14% for nothing.

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