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Friday, July 06, 2007

Stewards of the Planet

(Mrs. P on the beach in Brookings, Oregon)

I was listening to Air1 Radio the other day and an interesting topic came up. They were talking about the re-usable bags some folks use so that they don't use paper or plastic. It's an interesting subject because of course the environmentalist crowd is all for it, as well as penalizing you for using plastic or paper (I heard on a different show that there is a drive for charging to use store provided bags, though I don't know if that is necessarily the case, just yet). The morning show host, Mike, said something interesting. He didn't like the way environmentalism is being pushed, but on the same token he admits that the Lord wishes us to be good stewards of the planet.

This goes back to something I have said a number of times. I agree that we should try to take care of Earth. If there is gunk in the water and gunk in the air, we should work to clean that, and minimize future gunk. I have no problem with us being "responsible" when it comes to how we treat our planet. However, my complaint about environmentalists is the application and the extremism of "the cause."

Global Warming is a great example. Environmentalists have determined that we are the cause of Global Warming and that if we don't do something soon within 30 years we will need to be building arks to deal with the rising seas (a la Gore), despite the fact that there is much scientific proof saying otherwise. Then, on top of that, if you don't do whatever it takes to minimize your "carbon footprint," or agree with them mindlessly, then you are some kind of heathen or such. Now, what's interesting is that this is the same tactic they also accuse Christians of using in reference to Christianity.

And except in a few isolated cases, this is far from the truth as well.

I suppose in this post (or stream of consciousness as one would say) I am trying to say that though I have a problem with environmentalism and their tactics, I do not recommend that we ignore our environment either. It's a matter of common sense, which, unfortunately, is not too common nowadays.

By the way, I have posted the one poem that I have had published on my Defender of the Blahs site, if you care to read it. It's called, "Peaceful Advice."

And a particular liberal, the one that calls me his favorite rightwing loon, has challenged me to a debate. I am sure he will read this, and of course he will misunderstand or mischaracterize my answer. I shall decline such challenge. Not because I don't think I can out debate you. Substance and Truth will always prevail over trickery by folks such as you. However, I have learned the hard way that liberals don't play fair, and in the end, such a debate can only wind up bad. Last time I debated a liberal he did as all liberals do and threw a boomerang into the argument that befuddled me because I had not really thought of such a possible attack before. He said, "You know, Billy Graham votes Democrat." Had I have been on my toes I would have thought about Billy's age and figured that perhaps at one time he had in fact been an FDR Democrat (which doesn't even come close to resembling today's Leninist Democrat) at one time, but surely he didn't vote that way anymore because I have trouble seeing a truly born again Christian supporting a party that endorses the mass genocide of the unborn, or the societal blessings for gay marriage. And, to be honest, Neurotic Tom is a sharp cookie, and probably has a dozen tricks up his sleeve and a dozen more in his pocket. Sorry, Tom, but I won't play your game, and that is what you are, a game player. If anything, I feel sorry for you. It's a real shame that someone with such potential could be hornswaggled so easily by the propaganda of the Marxist Left.

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