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Monday, April 07, 2008

Smear Tactics by Political Pistachio?

Mike Pollard set the record straight in the comments section regarding my "ALL CAPS" post from yesterday that was simply a copied e-mail.

I am man enough to admit you are correct, and my excuse is lame - I had no time to write a post and threw that baby up there without considering the factual (or lack thereof) content. However, smear tactics was not my intention, and I regret that it came across as such.

I often do not have the opportunity to proof-read much either, though of late I have had a little more time (until a couple days ago anyway) so poor writing and silly posts like e-mail re-treads pop up from time to time due to my busy schedule (once again, a lame excuse, but true) - - - I also regret the failure to accurately relay factual information on the "Closet" post in which Tom the Liberal Blogger set the record straight by locating the post that caused Chuck to be shut down - it turned out to be because he identified himself, which I guess as an active military servicemember doing so and spouting political opinion like he was doing is a no-no.

Thank you for your attention to detail where mine fell short.

A large part of my busy schedule and lack of time for writing has to do with my being (of late) in and out of doctor's offices. . . I will explain, hopefully, someday in the future. I'm not one to normally discuss my health, so I will leave it at that for now. My health is not an excuse for my failure to bring Political Pistachio readers the best I can provide, just a quick explanation. However, as my time available for blogging increases, so will the quality, and due to unforseen circumstances my time available is increasing ten-fold real soon.

Stay safe.

God Bless,


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