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Sunday, April 20, 2008

When Death Returned

A neurologist broke the news to us . . . "As much as a surprise it is that you survived and have healed as well as you have, your condition is worsening and it is doubtful you will live beyond the age of 30."

After news like that, Mrs. Pistachio and I had to do a lot of soul searching. I was already suffering seizures again, limping on my damaged knee, deaf in my left ear with a constant ringing in it driving me batty, suffering from neck pain because of vertebrae damage, and struggling with all of the other affects of the left temporal fracture to my head. But now, the head trauma has progressed, and the medical community proclaimed that death for me was on the horizon. . .

Listen tonight to my Personal Pistachio episode to listen to how we took the news, and what our next move as a couple would be. The show airs tonight at 9pm Eastern.

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