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Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Better Country by Arthur Borden - Book Review

Seldom comes along a book that, should it be read by a large segment of the American population, could arguably alter the direction of American Politics, and public attitude, towards the war on terror. A Better Country: Why America Was Right To Confront Iraq is one such book.

Author Arthur Borden, in A Better Country, does not try to argue against the "Gotcha" points the opponents of the campaign in Iraq have so thoughtlessly launched at the Bush Administration, and anyone who has supported the effort in Iraq. Mr. Borden, instead, takes a step by step, factual piece of evidence by factual piece of evidence, look at every variable that led up to the Bush Administration's decision to invade Iraq. The variables considered include the frame of mind of The President, the history of Iraq as a threat, the Carter Doctrine, the opposition's arguments, prewar reports from U.N. inspectors, prewar reports from the Amerian intelligence community, intelligence reports from other nations, the obligation of America to protect gulf oil from being controlled by a single entity or tyrant, the option of "containment," President Bush's understanding in a post-9/11 world that it was his duty to defend the homeland and protect the national security of the U.S., and compelling evidence that Saddam Hussein constituted a threat, and the ability to obtain dangerous weaponry, whether or not he had Weapons of Mass Destruction at the time of the invasion, to name a few.

In less than 100 pages Mr. Borden explains more about the war effort in Iraq than could be conveyed by thousands of pages of government reports. This compelling book reveals all arguments, explains what was done correctly, and incorrectly, during the War in Iraq by the Bush Administration, and successfully argues that America was right to confront Iraq in an uncertain post-9/11 world of security risks and blood thirsty tyrants.

A Better Country reminds us of the true nature of the global dangers that face America, and how failure to address these security risks may have been a risk that could have placed the American Dream in real danger.

A Better Country: Why America Was Right To Confront Iraq by Arthur Borden is a must read for anyone, regardless of one's opinion regarding the legitimacy of the War in Iraq, who is concerned about our presence in Iraq, and the ongoing global war on terror.

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