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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Leftists Who Attack Christian Conservatives

Political Pistachio, as a blog, has been operating for nearly three years, and in that time I have made my share of friends, and enemies. A couple dozen far left liberals either continuously comment (and are deleted due to their tactics and/or profanity), send me hateful e-mails, or write about my posts on their own blogs or sites. Usually, when I respond to a statement made by them, it is because a number of them said essentially the same thing, and I feel it needs to be addressed. In those cases, I will respond to it in a post, usually addressing the attacker as a "particular liberal," rather than list the numerous names behind the ridiculous comment or attack. Some of them, in their arrogance, think I am specifically referring to them. And a couple have even made threats against me for not naming them or quoting them exactly. A few have even resorted to uncalled for statements about my mother, wife, and other members of my family. Earlier this year one even resorted to a personal attack at my house against me. Usually I take this in stride, understanding that they simply don't know what they don't know. Ignorance, in the case of liberalism, I suppose, is bliss.

Sometimes, however, a statement made by one of them is so untruthful, and such a dirty attack, that it must be addressed. Gay Agenda dot com wrote about my site: Political Pistachio is a great representation of what the Right is and stands for, as it is a truly inclusive site. That is it includes all the elements of the right and what makes the Right….well, WRONG! On this site, you’ll find a great deal of fear and intolerance. Not only for the LGBT community, but for those of different faiths, including Jews. You’ll find a blatant prejudice against Muslims, and basically anyone that doesn’t live in America (or was born here). You’ll find prejudice against those who don’t speak English. You’ll find guns, many references to God and Jesus, and you’ll find a virtual war against liberals or anyone who doesn’t live in fear of things different from them. You’ll find links to sites such as “Christians against Leftist”, “Gunz Roll Call”, and “The Liberals are Wrong” (you get the picture), and you’ll also find a great deal of rhetoric about “The American Way”.

While the Gay Agenda aims its propaganda attacks at Political Pistachio, and other "Right Wing" sites, in reality they are directing their attacks on people of faith, and specifically, Christianity. But in their attempt to subvert sites like mine with a claim that we are somehow blatantly prejudice, fearful, and intolerant - in reality their attacks resembles many other historical attempts to diminish and ultimately wipe out Christianity. This puts them in league with Nazism, which attempted to transform Christmas into a pagan holiday; and socialists and communists who, while presenting a full assault on religion, literally tried to replace God with government.

Interestingly enough, however, it is the Judeo-Christian principles that founded our Republic that give these peope the liberty to launch these attacks in the first place. And these people must remember that this nation was founded on freedom of religion (rather than freedom from religion as the left may indicate). Our founders recognized the great importance of faith to a society, especially faith that values free will. Without standards given by a higher authority America would be vulnerable to the same tyrannical monarchies and dictatorships that Europe was encountering. They understood, also, the value of a public display of faith so that the morals of the society would be held to societal scrutiny.

Understanding these truths does not make me fearful, or intolerant. In fact, it shows that I am someone that understands the founding of this nation much more than these liberals.

I was especially taken aback by the lie on that Gay Agenda site that Political Pistachio is not only fearful and intolerant of other faiths, but that the list included Jews!

Israel has no greater friend than the American Christian. We recognize that the Israelites are God's chosen people, and rejoice when members of the Jewish community recognize Christ as the messiah, and join the Christian family - a family that belonged to the Jews first - and was later shared with the Gentiles (non-Jews).

Nowhere on my site, as indicated by the Gay Agenda, will you find prejudice against those who don't speak English, either. I do believe, however, that anyone who wishes to come to this country as an immigrant should do so legally, as would be expected of us should we move to a foreign country, should learn the language of their new home. Granted, not all "legal" immigrants do so - my mother in law is one such person who to this day has not learned English. But if I moved to Mexico and called it my home, wouldn't I be expected to learn Spanish?

Let's face it, the liberal left is not about tolerance and fairness - they are about attacking anyone who disagrees with their agendas, and they are about stamping out the Christian fabric of this nation. They claim they are free thinkers that depend on reason, yet wish to eliminate the free thinking of anyone that questions their agenda.

And more interestingly, still, is that they focus their attacks on Christianity, while Islam practices slavery, hangs gays by a noose, and is outspoken about dominating the world with their religion. Why is it the liberal left doesn't attack Muslims like they attack Christians? Is it that in the end, they are really cowards, and feel they can get away with their attacks much easier with Christianity?

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