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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rick Warren Chosen By Obama to Give Inaugural Invocation, And The Gay Community Reaction

Last weekend I was in a conversation with a friend about TV Evangelists and Mega-Pastors. He is not a Christian as I am, but whenever matters of faith haunt him, I am one of the people he confers with. I told him that I am not real fond of flashy pastors because I don't think God desires times of worship to be similar to a circus act. The "You're Healed," forehead slapping, healers also fall into that category of pastors I am not entirely fond of.

With that said, I have to admit Rick Warren is a conundrum to me. For the most part I like him, though I am not completely familiar with all of his stances. I have noticed that he is a little less than conservative on a few social issues, but then again, opinions do tend to vary sometimes.

Rick Warren, despite any reservations I may have, however, has emerged as a solid voice for Christianity - so when I heard Barack Obama asked him to give the invocation at the Inauguration, I about fell over in disbelief.

Shortly afterward, I heard that the homosexual community was very upset with the choice of Rick Warren by Obama. This is not a surprise considering how outspoken Rick Warren is about his opposition to the gay lifestyle.

After really thinking about it, however, this is really not much of a surprise.

I personally doubt that Barack Obama has any values or solid positions. He is enjoying playing president, and he has simply not stopped campaigning. He knows he has the gays in his corner, so tossing them aside for a little while won't hurt him, he figures. Evangelicals, and most other Christians, however, are not real fond of him - and he wants to pull everybody together under his wonderful umbrella of "Can't We Just All Get Along." So, to try to pull the Christians in a little, who better to choose for the invocation than Rick Warren?

Yes, I realize that Obama's explanation is that Saddleback Church and Rick Warren, despite their disagreements with Barry Hussein Sotero Obama, had him visit them and give his side of the coin - so why not do the same for Rick Warren?

Personally, I just thought it was kind of funny how the gays began to whine so quickly. It's getting to the point that the only way they don't whine and cry and accuse you of being a hater is if you decide to be one of them and march with them in a gay parade. . .

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