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Obama Birth Certificate Forgery

In an effort to resolve this issue once and for all, the Obama Administration has put together a team tasked with producing a believable Hawaii Birth Certificate Forgery

Efforts to compel President Barack Obama to produce a valid birth certificate for the purpose of proving he is constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States continue. Team Obama, however, has continually tried to dismiss the efforts as "garbage." Barack Obama, however, is finding it more difficult to dismiss the question, and would like to be done with it once and for all. He was hoping the issue would simply die and go away, but the American People have refused to allow that to happen.

Despite the questions lingering about his citizenship, Barack Obama sits in the Oval Office and goes by the title of President of the United States of America. Ignore it as he may, the controversy regarding his eligibility remains. Eighteen law suits have been brought by citizens demanding proof of Obama's citizenship be provided.

The response from the Obama staff, as well as the response from a number of political pundits on both the left and right side of the aisle, has been that continuing to question Obama's eligibility to the office of POTUS is a waste of time, counterproductive, and makes the Right look foolish for asking.

If the question regarding Obama's birth certificate is not a legitimate one, then why was the document produced not the genuine article? Why did it not have the name of the hospital, or the name of the attending physician, on it? Why was it the short form, or a forged likeness of one, for which foreign born children of Hawaiian residents can be obtained for based on a statement of one relative only?

If Obama's claims that he is a natural born citizen are valid, then you would think President Obama would voluntarily open up all of his records for scrutinization so that the doubts in the minds of those that believe he may not be eligible would be satisfied. An investigation by Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation found, however, that Barack Obama spent upwards of about $950,000 in campaign funds last year with eleven law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block disclosure of any of his records, including collegiate records.

What is Barry trying to hide? Why would an innocent man spend so much time and money in resources to protect the release of information when he has nothing to hide?

Hawaii's Department of Health has not confirmed Obama's assertion he was born in Hawaii. There are actually affidavits, as well as the testimony of Barack's own paternal grandmother, supporting the allegation that "The One" was born in Kenya. The U.S. judiciary, however, has been refusing to hear the challenges of Obama's eligibility because, in their words, the arguments are frivolous.

The United States Constitution, which requires the president of this nation to be a natural born citizen, is not a frivolous document. Therefore, the request for proof of eligibility is not a frivolous request.

The questions regarding Obama's eligibility to be president have not gone away as the Obama people may have hoped. The law suits remain, the requests continue to pile up. So, the Obama team has come up with a plan to stop the inquiries once and for all; by producing a believable birth certificate.

Obama Administration teams are working diligently to produce a visually acceptable birth certificate that will once and for all, as far as they are concerned, put the issue to rest. Problem is, what they are working on is the production of a forgery of a long-form birth certificate from Hawaii.

The expectation is for this elaborate forgery to surface in the next month or two.

The forgery, it has been alleged, has already been printed on a fully functional 1960 Heidelberger printing press located at a print museum in Toronto, Canada. The blanks on the forged form is said to have been filled in with an old Underwood manual typewriter. The only reason we haven't seen the forgery yet is that they are "seasoning" it under mild UV light and a back and forth rotation between a humidifier and a sauna.

Should the truth surface, whatever it may be, and it is discovered that Obama is in fact ineligible for the Office of President of the United States, none of the treaties, laws, or executive orders signed by him will be valid or legal. The repercussions, however, would be devastating. Imagine the outcry by the Obama faithful should their Messiah turn out to be a liar and a fraud. Question is, will they be angry for being lied to, or for the lies being exposed?

UPDATE: This is an update from the original article. The reference regarding the Occidental Records/"Americans for Freedom of Information" turned out to be false, and the piece has been adjusted with that particular reference removed.

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