Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama's Bow To Emperor Akihito Ignorant and Treasonous

by Douglas V. Gibbs
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Barack Obama does not like America. Barack Obama especially does not like America's exceptionalism. Barack Obama is looking forward to completing his transormation of the world into a post-American international world order.

As long as America maintains a strong economy, and refuses to concede its position as a superpower, our standing as the most exceptional nation on Earth will remain.

Barack Obama believes that America needs to be knocked down a few notches. Our exceptional status is a sign of arrogance to him. Obama believes that no nation should claim to be better than another - all nations should practice global equity.

Evidence to all of my accusations is the fact that President Obama has bowed to two Monarchs. First, earlier this year, Obama bowed to a Saudi Prince. Last week he bowed to the Japanese Emperor. Note that Akihito did not bow back.

The argument by leftists is that Barack Obama was being culturally sensitive.

Bowing to Monarchs is a sign of subservience.

Of the 43 presidents prior to Barack Obama, none of them ever bowed to a Monarch, or to the leader of another nation.

As leader of the United States of America, Obama's bows to Monarchs symbolizes America's subservience to Islam and the Japanese Emperor. One may chalk it up to ignorance. He may simply not realize the severity of his actions. Or, Obama's actions are treasonous, lowering America's worldwide status, and handing us to the world on a silver platter.

I believe his actions were both ignorant, and treasonous.

Tonight, on the Political Pistachio Radio Revolution, I will be discussing Obama's bows to Monarchs, and the other things he has been doing to compromise America into a position of dependency on the rest of the world, and ultimately as a new member of the rising New World Order of global governance. Join us live at 7pm Pacific, or by archive later, at (Doug is now on AM Radio.  Listen on Saturdays.)

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