Saturday, December 26, 2009

Terror On Northwest Airlines Flight 253

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Northwest Airlines Flight 253 took off from Lagos, Nigeria with an al-Qaeda terrorist on board. His plans were to bring the plane down as a fiery ball of destruction over Detroit, Michigan. The journey included change in carrier and a change in aircraft in Amsterdam.

The passengers transferred to the wide body jet in Amsterdam without incident, flying over the Atlantic Ocean, and over U.S. soil, as any other flight would. Upon final approach, however, Nigerian Islamist Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab decided it was time to bring the plane down. The passengers, possibly with the memories of 9/11 still fresh in their minds, noticed the potential Islamic Terrorist lighting an incendiary device, and converged on him before any destructive actions could be completed. The suspect's legs were burned where the device was strapped, along with a few minor burns of the passengers.

The thwarted terror attack of Flight 253 is yet another in a series of events under Barack Obama's watch. The frequency is increasing as each event becomes more bold in nature.

In addition to terror attacks, or attempts thereof, we are also seeing an increase in radical behavior by Islamists abroad. The Taliban is becoming entrenched in Pakistan, Turkey is experiencing an increase in Jihadist rumblings, and al-Qaeda is making a stronger appearance in regions like Yemen. Iran is becoming bolder in its threats of increasing its number of nuclear facilities, testing missile systems, and attempting to take control of oil wells in Iraq.

Northwest Airlines Flight 253 joins a long list of terror attempts against the United States since Barack Obama has taken office. Fort Dix, and the murder of soldiers on base at Fort Hood (to name a couple), in addition to the increase of Islamic terrorist activities overseas, is a portrayal of an emboldened enemy. Islam is testing the waters, making sure Obama is as weak of a president as they believe him to be. The Jihadists know that Barack Obama views these transgressions against non-Muslims as simply criminal actions, rather than acts of war in an operation against the West the Muslims consider as part of an ongoing Holy War.

The frequency of attacks will increase. The devastating nature of the attacks will worsen. The enemy knows that unlike George W. Bush, this president will not take the war to them. The fear of retaliation is waning, and that poses to be a very dangerous position for the United States.

Showing weakness, when dealing with Islam, emboldens the enemy, and Bush realized this. George Bush kept the pressure on with troops, military operations, and language that was crystal clear about his intentions of defending the United States, and moving against anti-American terrorism wherever it is bred.

Leftists like Barack Obama will invariably decide that the increase in terror will be our fault, blaming it on our continued presence in Afghanistan, and ultimately do exactly what the Jihadists desire, and turn tail. Barack Obama is not listening to his commanders, as he said he would during his presidential campaign, putting less troops into Afghanistan than General McChrystal requested. He has moved terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to non-military locations, and plans to try Khalid Sheikh Muhammed, the mastermind behind the September 11 Attacks, to a civilian federal court for trial, turning Muhammed (in the eyes of the enemy, and the world) into a common criminal, rather than a military prisoner facing trial in a military tribunal for war crimes.

Image is what is important to Islam, and an image of weakness is an invitation to them.

Barack Obama has been clear that "victory" is not a term he wishes to use. His refusal to treat the terrorism against the United States for what it is, acts of war, sends a message to Islam that Obama does not see this fight as a war, but as nothing more than a simple misunderstanding. The result is renewed vigor among the enemy, a renewed belief that that their war to bring down the "Great Satan" can be won by them sooner, rather than later.

The attempted terror attack on Flight 253 is being treated as an isolated event by the media, as is the killings at Fort Hood. But even independent actions by unattached Islamists is a part of the whole. Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Nidal Malik Hasan, and the Northwest Airlines Flight 253 terror-attempt are all a part of the global war by the Islamic Jihad against non-Muslims. It is all a part of their consolidated effort to bring about an Islamic Caliphate. What we are seeing is only the tip of the iceberg. What happened aboard Flight 253 is only a sign of things to come. The rumble of war is alive and well among the jihadists, and Obama's weak National Security policies are fanning the flames of Jihad. We will be seeing more events like Flight 253. They will grow in frequency, and intensity. The war machine of Islamic Jihadism has been reawakened from its fearful slumber, and Obama is not willing to do a thing about it.

Enslaving the American People under Nationalized Health Care, and giving up our national sovereignty to an international panel of mythical man-made global warming alarmists, is more important to Obama than saving American lives with a strong national defense, or the willingness to admit that we are at war with Islamic Jihadism.

Obama is destroying America within, while leaving the doors wide open for attack from outside. Northwest Airlines Flight 253 is evidence that the enemy has been emboldened by Obama, and the Democrat's, weakness - and the attempted attack is only one in a growing series of attacks that will increase as time passes.

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