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Is the Michigan Christian Militia Group guilty of anything, and are they Christian like they claim?

By Douglas V. Gibbs

The Left has been trying to convince the public that those that cling to their Bibles and guns are dangerous to America. Barack Obama set the table for this intimidation tactic to emerge when in 2008, should he be elected, he said to small-town Pennsylvania residents, "they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." To the delight of the Democrat's radical leftwing, bitter Christians with guns have been arrested recently for alleged terrorist activities and plans against the government in Michigan.

Now that the Christian Militia has emerged as a dangerous, anti-government organization that was prepared to resort to terrorist-like activities, Leftism expects The Right to cry uncle. You got us, we are supposed to say. No way of talking our way out of this one, right?

Hutaree is the name of the militia group, and they do claim to be Christians, and they do believe that the government is heading in the direction of a tyranny. Therefore, in tune with their belief that tyrannies must be defeated should they rise, the group is prepared to take on the government in an armed engagement. That, the Left believes, is a nail in the coffin of the "violent rightwing religious fanatics."

The "Christian Warrior" militia group was plotting to kill a Michigan law enforcement officer, and attack police at a funeral, as well, according to reports. Nine people were arrested, and charged with seditious conspiracy, attempted use of weapons of mass destruction, teaching the use of explosive materials and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence.

The authorities negotiated with the group to give themselves up from a staging location near a church. A church. Well, that nails it, as far as the leftists are concerned. Talk about caught at a location that damns Christianity!

The Hutaree are described by officials as being a radical extremist group. Their website says the name of their militia group (Hutaree) means "Christian warrior" and claims it is preparing to defend itself against the impending arrival of the anti-Christ. We'll talk about their claim they are going to be facing off with the anti-Christ later, and the fact that the informants were none other than CAIR (The Council on American-Islamic Relations), who (surprise surprise) hate Christians and will do anything they can to demonize Christians in America.

Every group has their crazies, and the Hutaree are indeed anti-government in the truest sense of the term, while also qualifying as crazy in every sense of the word. Of course Hutaree has emerged as the poster-child of the Tea Party Conservative Right. When one embarks on a witch hunt, witches are bound to be found. With the Left's attacks against The Right, which includes the demonization of Tea Party folks, and all of Christianity, the Left is revealing that they are willing to throw good Americans under the bus for political advancement of their socialist agenda. If anyone pops up fitting their definition of violent, rightwing extremists, it becomes pure and simple in their arguments that it is safe to say that all people that could conceivably fit into the same mold must be the same violent, radical, hate spewing crazies.

Every shred of evidence, as far as the Left is concerned, reveals that their assumption that people who believe in God, own guns, and are angry with the Obama administration's policies are anti-government radicals that are capable of violence against the government, and ultimately against anyone that opposes them, are true (in the minds of the leftists). These radical revolutionaries must be silenced before they do something horrible like assassinate a government official, or engage in terrorist activities like, but not limited to, blowing something up, reason the liberals.

The beauty of the "Christian Warrior" militia is that unlike the Texas kamikaze that flew his plane into an IRS building, or the killer of abortionist Dr. Tiller, there is no doubt that these people hate the government, are Christians, and sympathize with Tea Party groups - because they say so on their own website.

Hutaree is like manna from Heaven for the liberal left.

The militia group has come to represent everyone that opposes the Obama Administration, or claims they want their country back. The demonization of the Right, and the connection of crazies like Hutaree with the Right, seems to be the Democrat Party's way of saying, "You may want your country back, but you can't have it, and you are going to go down trying."

Democrats see the opposition as overwhelmingly White, armed, and Christian, therefore White Christians that support the Second Amendment are the enemy. . . and now they can say: For evidence, see "Hutaree."

The strategy by the Left to intimidate the opposition is in full swing, and Hutaree gave the Left a gift that the liberals believe is the final nail in the coffin.

This all ties into everything the Left has been putting into place. The plan has been in full swing, and all they needed was a hitch pin to finish all of the connections. Democrats would love to pass a new version of the Sedition Act (a law during the final decade of the 1700s that actually made political speech against the Federalist Party illegal) that was in place during John Adams' presidency so that they can frighten the people into conformity with what the government has planned for them. They wish to intimidate the people into submission by applying fear, the same kind of fear you have for IRS agents when you hear the word "audit."

Hutaree, the Christian Warrior Militia group, is the Left's validation (they believe) for hate speech laws and a crackdown against what they deem to be potential political violence. What is amazing about it all is that political violence, of which the Democrat's claim are coming from the Right, is something that normally comes from the Left. Think about it. Who clashed with police during the anti-war protests over the last decade? Who shut down the American Renaissance conference with death threats? Who prevented Ann Coulter from speaking on a Canadian campus? Who has used intimidation to keep Tom Tancredo from speaking on campuses?

When was the last time a Left-wing group or speaker was banned from speaking on a campus?

At a recent rally in Temecula, California on March 20th, bottles of water and Gatorade were thrown at Temecula Tea Party folks by liberals as they sped by in their cars. The Tea Party Express III buses, on their way to the Showdown in Searchlight Nevada, were pelted with eggs.

During the Bush Administration's time in the White House, how many death threats were directed at President Bush? Remember the film about the assassination of George W. Bush that was acclaimed as a wonderful piece of art by the liberals?

What about Marxist affiliations and anti-American racism at the March 21 Washington amnesty demonstration?

I am not trying to condone the actions of the Hutaree militia by proclaiming that the Left is violent too, I am simply pointing out the double-standard. But when one more closely examines the Michigan Christian Militia group, questions arise regarding the group.

In other words, just because they claim to be certain things, it doesn't mean they are.

George W. Bush claimed to be a conservative, but in many ways he was not. Obama claimed to be a centrist, and it turns out he is a hard left radical. Jim Jones claimed to be a Christian, and he was in reality an insane, Marxist narcissist.

Hutaree claims to be a Christian group, and that claim has spurned the Left to add that if they are Christians, then Hutaree must also be a bunch of crazy rightwingers.

Note, also, that the group that informed the U.S. Government of the Hutaree's activities is CAIR. And since Muslims are willing to resort to violence to push their religion, the ignorant will automatically assume any other religion is capable of the same atrocities.

I find it hard to believe that Bible reading, scripture adhering Christians would resort to violence in any situation other than as a last resort, would be willing to kill innocent persons while serving int he line of duty, even at a funeral, and would claim they are doing so in preparation for a face-off with the anti-Christ. Is it possible that this group is not at all everything they claim, and that the act of arresting them for acts they are planning to do is kind of, I don't know, Orwellian?

It sort of reminds me of Philip K. Dicks Minority Report, in which people were arrested before committing a crime because three children in a pool of water saw them commit the crime in a vision of the future - In pursuit of a well-ordered society the government has found within themselves the excuse for taking action against citizens for considering doing something the government finds to be a crime before the actions are actually committed. Remember, to be accused of a crime you have to have committed the crime, and the evidence must show that you committed the crime. How can you possibly prove that somebody is going to do something unless they have done it?

My assertion that the arrest of the Hutaree Nine is Orwellian is in no way condoning the group, or asking for our government officials to step aside and do nothing until terrorist attacks take place. After all, many of the cries after 9/11 was in regards to what the government should have done to prevent such an atrocity. But is it reasonable to then arrest the offenders for the atrocity before they commit it, using the argument that they were planning to do so?

If I had a beef with my neighbor, and I finally decided that shooting him was the only way to solve our differences, so I grab one of my guns, point it at him through my window as he walked along the property line with what I believe to be ill intentions, put my finger on the trigger, and then at the last moment allow my conscience to get the better of me and I drop my weapon and decide not to shoot the dirt ball, should I be arrested for intending to shoot him, even though I actually never did?

The government, by arresting the Hutaree Nine before they actually began to commit the actions they are being accused of planning, may very well be changing the very nature of crime, or at least the definition of crime. Perception by the government that someone is anti-government, is armed, and shouts a lot of threats is guilty and ought to be brought down sends the message to Americans that you better not step out of line, or even consider the possibilities of being "anti-government," or else the government will come and take you away.

Does that kind of scare tactic sound familiar?

Those who are thinking about committing such crimes will be more apt to do so, now, because even considering such actions have now been criminalized, so they might as well follow through. People not apt to follow through with such violent actions will now be intimidated into silence, losing their First Amendment right of free political speech. So, in the end, the government's actions has made the world more dangerous, and taken away more freedoms, all in one fell swoop.

As for the group's claim to be Christians, in the strictest terms I am sure they are. Christian means "follower of Christ." Christianity, however, teaches non-violence except as a last resort, such as in the case of war to protect a nation.
When it comes to the group's preparation to fight the anti-Christ, one must realize that most Christians, though not all, believe that the members of the church will be raptured off of the Earth prior to the commencement of the Great Tribulation, meaning that Christians will not know who the anti-Christ is since he will be revealed after the beginning of the tribulation. So how is it that a Christian group could believe that they must be an armed militia group to face-off against the anti-Christ?

We are beginning to tread on dangerous ground when the government has determined that it is its right to dominate the citizens, and arrest people for merely considering atrocious actions against the government. We are seeing a subordination of our rights, a deterioration of the principles in our Constitution, and control over the people because those in power in government have determined it is necessary because any opposition is to the government is now seditious and anti-government.

Personally, I am not anti-government. I am pro-Constitutional government.

But considering all that I have written, it does not mean that if tyranny was to reach a certain point in the American Form of Government, I would not be willing to grab my weapons and stand-off against the federal government.

One wonders, also, that if these so-called religious extremists with guns are so dangerous, then why hasn't the government shut down the 35 Islamic training facilities that exist in the United States?
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