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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Condoms Given to Elementary Children by School District in Massachusetts

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Teen pregnancies have risen drastically ever since sex education was introduced. The attitude of the Left is that they are going to have sex anyway, so let's just make it safer. By doing this, morals have been marginalized. Abstinence has been set aside. And the epidemic will continue to worsen.

Now, the progression of the immoral attitude of the left has gotten to the point where it has become more than just criminal.

It is one thing to give high school teenagers condoms, talk about sex with them, and provide what they believe to be appropriate education on the consequences, and how to protect themselves. The government, through the school system, has determined that parents are not good enough parents, and it is their job to override the parents wishes by forcing sex education on the children regardless of parental consent. But now, in Massachusetts, the actions by the school district is, for lack of a better word, shocking.

In Provincetown, Massachusetts, first graders are being given condoms.

That is not a typo.

But, the question is, why would first graders need condoms?

Under a policy approved by the town’s school committee last week, first graders will be able to ask the school nurse for, and receive, condoms at school with or without their parents’ knowledge. And additionally (are you ready for this one?) the policy also states that the school district will not honor requests from parents that their children not be given condoms.

This seriously concerns me to my core. Why does this school district feel the need to pass such a policy? There is no logic. Kids at this age don't even know what their parts are for when it comes to the sexual end of things, much less what a condom is. And what is horrible about this is if a child decides to go ahead and ask for a condom, I am sure while they are at it, the nurse would be happy to give a lesson in how to use it.

And worse, not only would your child have a sex discussion with the school nurse, but under their policy, as a parent, you would never know about it!

And this may only be the beginning.

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