Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's Wedding, Black Preacher, and Elton John for Entertainment

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I don't often get a chance to listen to Rush Limbaugh, but yesterday that opportunity arose. Apparently, Rush has been off for a while, and went off and got married. On the program Rush described the ceremony, and the criticisms he expected since he had a black preacher give the vows, and Elton John, and openly gay entertainer, perform.

As predicted, the Left is upset over Elton John performing at Rush Limbaugh's wedding. But they are not upset at Rush for inviting Elton John, they are upset at Elton John for accepting.

I am trying to figure this one out. What's the big deal?

Joy Behar, in fact, hammered Elton John for daring to perform for the hateful Rush.

Uh, who's the hateful one? The person who invited the gay performer to perform, or the angry woman with a show few watch who is berating Elton John for accepting?

The Left always accuses the Right of being a bunch of bigots, but they are upset at Elton John for performing after being invited? Who's the bigots?

I have never understood the Left's attacks on that. Since I disagree with the lifestyle of homosexuals, for example, and I don't like their thuggish tactics to try to force their lifestyle on people that refuse to accept it as "normal," the Left assumes that means I "hate" gays. And the truth is, nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Left hates people that disagree with them, so since I disagree with the gay lifestyle, it must mean that I hate gays - and I don't - which is confusing to the Left.

I never said I hate anyone.

Just because the Left says I am "homophobic," it doesn't mean that I am.

Just because the Left says I want nothing to do with individuals who proclaim they are gay, it doesn't mean that is true.

Granted, I am not going to go out of my way to hang out with persons that pursue that vile lifestyle, but if I was at a family get together and an openly gay man walked in, I wouldn't go running out the front door as if the house was on fire, filled with fear and disgust, and dropping and rolling on the grass lawn.

I can't count how many times Tom, the neurotic liberal, has left comments that say things like "that person you are quoting is. . .", or "don't you know that the person that owns the Washington Times is. . . " Who cares? I am not quoting the Times because of the owner. I am using the quote to support my argument, or to show the idiocy of leftism, or whatever. It is about principles, not people.

Am I supposed to recoil because the owner of the Washington Times doesn't agree with me? Am I supposed to curl up into a ball in the corner because someone that I met is gay? Perhaps the Left imagines us, after being around a group of liberals, acting like Jim Carrey did in his Pet Detective movie after kissing the character that is a man pretending to be a woman, cringing in the shower, crying with disgust as he tries to wash off the disgust.

It is the Left that makes these characterizations of the Right because that is the way the Leftists are. They are disgusted by the Right, they hate Christians or those that support Family Values, they become violent in their arguments with Creationists, and therefore they think we must be the same way when dealing with who we consider to be the opposition.

Who are you to dictate to me how I should act? I don't do that to you. I may disagree with how you act, but I recognize in the end it will be the personal consequences of your actions that will dictate to you your actions, not my disagreement.

Disagreement does not equal hate. That is why Hate Crimes legislation is so stupid. Gosh, that guy committed a crime against that person because he is black, or gay, or whatever - No, a person commits crime because he is a bad person and he commits crime. Throw him in jail for the crime!

The Left can't understand any of this. They want us to be like them. You see, if they disagree with you, they hate you, they will demonize you, they will ruin you, they will do whatever it takes to destroy you - so they figure you must be the same way.

My son makes decisions that I disagree with, and he will live with the consequences. But using the liberal left's attitude, I would cut him off as my son. That is beyond stupid.

It's like Dick Cheney's daughter. She's gay, he disagrees with homosexuality, therefore in the Left's mind he must disown her.

That is completely idiotic. It makes no sense.

It is foolish. People are still people. For us to act the way the Left says we ought to is ridiculous. Why would I want to hate somebody?

The Left doesn't understand that because they are capable of hate, and they are capable of rage, and they are capable of being dastardly people, they just don't understand why we are not. Though I may feel anger towards Obama's policies, hate and rage is hardly what I feel. You saw the Left's capabilities of rage and hate when Bush was President. They HATED George W. Bush. I would get into conversations with liberals about Bush, and I could see the hate contort their face in ways I never thought possible.

Projection. The Left tries to project their hate and rage upon us, and they just don't get it. They just don't understand when I say I don't hate Obama, I don't hate the socialist, Marxist jerks in control of Washington, I don't hate homosexuals, I don't hate women that support abortion, and so forth. I don't hate them. But I do disagree with what they do, or what they believe. But disagreement is not hate.

How sad it must be to be a liberal - to be constantly filled with the vile feelings of hate and rage. How difficult it must be to live life hating anything that does not agree with them. How maddening it must be to believe that either you agree with them, or you should have no freedom of speech, no freedom of action, and that they have a right to force their beliefs on you through a National Day of Silence in the Schools, and with legislation from the federal government.

How sad it must be to be them. I wonder what they are truly afraid of. Such hate and rage must come from someplace.

Hence, the reason these poor folks are constantly in my prayers.

And I wish I could have been there for Rush's wedding. It must have been quite a good time. And I am sure Elton John's performance was incredible. I have always been a fan of his music.

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