Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Homosexual Hate

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Watch the video I have posted below carefully. Notice how the men holding up the signs send a sexual message, while the anger is mixed with out of control profanity. The truly alarming part of it, however, is that young children are used in the video, as well. The video comes across like a bunch of crying people throwing a temper tantrum. I get it, they are angry because their perverted behavior is not accepted by people with morals. But those people that oppose homosexuality, save for freaks like the Phelps gang from Westboro Baptist, don't hate gays. We truly don't care what they do in the bedroom. Homosexual behavior is immoral, and carries with it the potential of serious consequences (especially when it comes to the men - medically the behavior can be very damaging to the body - not to mention AIDS), but those that oppose the behavior do not wish to use government mandate to force them to stop acting in such a sinful manner. Free will dictates that they be free to act in that manner. But, those that believe the homosexual behavior to be a perversion, don't teach our children anger, or teach them to sling profanity at people with hatred behind the anger.

As for calling those who have a problem with homosexuality "haters," the honest to God truth is we don't hate gays, no more than we hate any other person under the spell of sinful behavior. We are all sinners, after all. The difference is simply a matter of repentance, which is a recognition of the sin, and turning away from it.

Once again, be warned, this video is filled with hate and profanity, but I think to get across the point of how hateful some members of the homosexual community truly are, I felt it necessary to show the video.

Once again, realize these people are spewing hate and are calling people haters who never said they hate gays. In fact, I not only don't hate homosexuals, I feel really bad for them because the torment of the prison of their addictive behavior must be terrible. The slavery of their behavior must be horrendous.

Now, I would like to address the profanity for a moment. I rarely cuss, and I am known to be one that prefers not to have the people around me going into fits of profanity. This is not to say that I have never used this kind of profanity. For God's sake, I used to be a Navy sailor, and a construction worker, so profanity is not exactly something I am not familiar with. But as I look back at my life the years that were filled with the most profanity usage had two things in common. I was young and immature, and I was angry. That is the thing about profanity. Cussing normally accompanies anger. Therefore, people who sling around profanity a lot, as I have myself in the past, are normally angry people, or the profanity is being used during an angry moment by a person that may not be normally an angry person.

I realize that was a fairly general statement. I realize that for some people profanity is just how they speak, and anger has little to do with it. These people, however, are the exception, not the norm.

So, it is clear based on that video that the people in the video are exhibiting anger, and they are teaching their children to be angry and hateful. The reasonable question, then, is: Why are they so angry? In fact, why are they so angry that they are even willing to use children in a calculated effort to push their profanity filled anger upon a society such as in this video?

You know, in a normal circumstance, that would be considered child abuse.

The anger comes from the fact that homosexuals are seeking acceptance of their abnormal behavior, and like a child that doesn't get his or her way, they are throwing a tantrum. The interesting part of this tantrum, however, is that they are attacking a group for failing to believe what they believe, are falsely accusing those that disagree with their behavior of hating them, are falsely accusing those that disagree with their behavior of wishing to force them to be different, and are intent on pushing their agenda on us, and our children, as being accepted as a normal behavior when our belief system does not agree with theirs.

In fact, the gay agenda is trying to force the teaching that homosexuality is normal into the schools, and all facets of society through the media, entertainment industry, and every other medium they can get their hands on. . . while complaining if a Christian Cross can be seen in the public square.

Remember that these are the same people who demand a separation of church and state because they are afraid Christians, by doing things like praying in school, may force their beliefs upon them.

Hmmm, so if I pray in school that is wrong because I am forcing Christianity on you, but your belief that homosexuality is not a sexual perversion is supposed to be taught to my kids whether I like it or not?

And if I complain about it, I am labeled a hater, and I am yelled at with angry profanity, even by children, as in the above video. However, Christians can be called every name in the book, filled with angry profanity, and can even be ridiculed with every chance possible, right?

Um, please tell me what's wrong with that picture.

A normal person regrets things said in anger, and feels bad for spewing profanity. These people are proud of their profanity-laden anger. A normal person recognizes bad behavior for what it is, and regrets committing the sin. These people not only are proud of their immoral behavior, but wish to convince everyone that it is not only okay, but that all people ought to try it at least once. They want you to believe that their homosexual behavior is as a part of them as the color of their eyes, and that there is nothing they can do about their perverted sexual tendencies.

Kleptomaniacs try to convince us they have no choice but to steal because they are born that way, but that doesn't make their behavior normal either.

And in the process of pushing the homosexual agenda, while crying that a child carried a Bible to school, they wish to indoctrinate our children with the homosexual message, and indoctrinate all of society, in an effort to convince everyone that their behavior is normal, and that they should be a protected segment of society as if they are some kind of ethnicity or skin color.

And while they indoctrinate our children with their agenda, they put out videos like the one above to send the message that it is wrong to hate homosexuals by teaching the children in this video to hate, and cuss at, anyone who is against homosexuality.

Wow, that was real moral, wasn't it?

So why was the video made?

Obviously, the hateful message is an angry protest against Americans who don't want homosexual marriage in our country, gays in our military or homosexuals to adopt children in our country. These are people in Canada trying to force change in America.

But why do we not desire homosexual marriage? Is it because we hate gays? Of course not. It is because we believe that homosexuals should not be able to force their behavioral belief on a Christian institution, like marriage. In other words, we don't care what you do in the bedroom, but don't shove your bedroom in our face!

Who, I ask, are really the haters?

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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