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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Agenda 21: Delphi Technique Intimidation Exposed

The use of propaganda by leftist supporters of Agenda 21 to create consensus for a predetermined end. . .

Video embedded with permission from Heather Gass, East Bay Tea Party

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mc said...

I recieved a blue zone community project brochure "Have you voted for Spencer to become a Blue Zones Community Today? This is sponsored by Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue shield however it closely resembles UN agenda 21, Chater 6 on promoted health conditions. There appears to be no NO Vote option on the brochure and they have an option of voting online or sending the bottom of the brochure in with our utility bill. It seems they already have a consensus view that every one wants to be part of a blue star community.Our next city council meeting is Feburary 16, 2012. This is all about power and control if you ask me and I am going to let them know I for one am opposed to it. I would rather live under the constitution than a World Government agenda hell bent on taking away our liberties and freedoms.