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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What it means when Obama says, "I Was Not Born Wealthy"

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Whether Mitt Romney was Barack Obama's opponent in the upcoming presidential election, or not, Barry would still say he was not born wealthy. The claim of humble birth and upbringing is key to the Democrat Party's vote buying strategy, as well as the approach they are using in regards to fundamentally changing America. Romney, the son of a former auto executive, and governor of Michigan, having grown up in a very comfortable environment, is just a fantastic coincidence for Obama, and serves as a stark representation of the bourgeois. Obama, having been raised by a not-so-rich family (or so he claims), is representing himself as the candidate for the proletariat.

In Karl Marx's theory of communism, to belong to the bourgeois is to be a member of the property-owning class, and to believe in the hated system of capitalism; to be a proletarian, or a member of the proletariat, is to be a member of the propertyless class, a class of poor lower citizens, the class of industrial wage earners who must grind out a living by selling their labor. Revolution by the proletariat to bring down the bourgeois to make them contribute their fair share to society was the goal, for in a communal system all things must be equitable. Members of the ruling elite were the exception to the equity rule, tasked with the administration of the general will, a will of the people that allegedly only the ruling elite recognize.

In North Carolina Obama reminded the crowd earlier this week that he was not born wealthy, and this came a week after he told folks in Ohio he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  Barry is a millionaire, but says his roots enables him to identify with college students and the families that struggle to make ends meet. He is constantly reminding us that he did not come from a family of means, so he understands the mountains of debt people face, the struggle to exist, the hardship of selling one's labor to survive.

Never mind the fact that Barack Obama has never worked for an honest wage a day in his life.

Why is Obama hammering on this? Why is Obama, who is actually quite wealthy, waging war against those who he says are in the 1%?

It all goes back to the battle between the bourgeois and the proletariat.

His speech in Elyria, Ohio gives us a clue to that fact.  Obama said, “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Michelle wasn’t. But somebody gave us a chance -- just like these folks up here are looking for a chance.”

Barack Obama has a communitarian view of society. Communitarians hold that wealth is not created, but is finite. They believe when someone succeeds, someone at the bottom loses. He does not believe the pie gets bigger, or that there is enough pie for everyone as long as there are wealthy people around.

People like Obama view success as not being an achievement of the person, but rather a success only possible because of the contributions of the community along the way. They think personal achievement is not what leads to success, but that success is reached because of the helping hands along the way. They believe the wealth must be redistributed back to those that helped.

The Communitarianism Obama believes in is a Marxist idea.

The problem for Barack Obama is everyone does not see it that way. There are too many unique individuals out there that refuse to see government as being very beneficial much at all. Therefore, as with other past authoritarians in history, the democrats believe the youth of the nation must be taught the liberal way, and the best way to do that is to make sure they are all in the liberal public school system and college system for indoctrination.  They congratulate the foot soldiers of their regime, the teachers, for educating tomorrow's leaders, continuously pushing their policies into the schools, from collectivism to radical environmentalism, cramming as much liberal policy into the skulls of the children as they can so that by the time they graduate, they will be good little sheep and support the despotic leftist establishment.

Obama did not win the election in 2008 on his policies, and in fact he hid those inclinations quite well, only revealing them in small ways, or when confronted by people like Joe the Plumber.  He rose to power as a cult of personality. The media created a celebrity status for Barack, and the youth picked it up enthusiastically. Obama became the savior of America. He would bring fairness to the table, lower the rising sea levels, and unite a beleaguered America who had been besieged by the horrible Bush administration and his greedy, warmongering comrades.

In 2012, the messiah song and dance has grown old. The light-being has been revealed to be a fake and a failure, an ignorant charlatan hiding behind a curtain pulling a bunch of levers that do nothing but worsen the situation with a dull light show. The imagery that surrounded Obama's 2008 candidacy has fallen flat, and people have realized that his flash was nothing more than a fizzle, and now we have realized we need someone who knows more than how to organize a community.

The masses don't look up to Obama as some kind of god, anymore, and the liberal left is scrambling to return to that recipe. Michelle Obama recently told a Nashville audience that Obama "has brought us out of the dark and into the light."

From darkness into the light. From the dark founding of this nation by a bunch of rich, white slave owners into the brave new world of collectivism, led by an authoritarian system where the federal government protects us from the big bad bankers, big bad oil speculators, and from ourselves. The government, according to the liberals, will give you free stuff, take care of your health, make sure the smokers don't poison your air, make sure the corporations are properly censored and controlled, make sure through forcing upon you strong environmental and energy regulations that the planet is saved. . . and all you have to do is pledge your undying loyalty to The One, Barack Obama, for without him, we will descend back into a sort of dark age where rich people will plunge you into poverty, corporations will destroy the planet and the economy, and racists will go around shooting as many Trayvon Martins as they can.

America, without Barack Obama, we are being led to believe, is a downright mean country. Capitalism is designed to keep the rich wealthy, and make the poverty-stricken even more poor.

In his 2010 book "The Promise: President Obama, Year One," Jonathan Alter recounts a kind of transfiguration that occurred on Inauguration Day. St. John's Church on Lafayette Square was filled with dignitaries as well as the newly elected President and his family. When Bishop Vashti McKenzie, an advocate of black liberation theology, told everyone to rise, a rabbi in attendance described what he saw when he glanced over at Mr. Obama: A beam of morning light shown [sic] through the stained-glass windows and illuminated the president-elect's face. Several of the clergy and choir on the altar who also saw it marveled afterward about the presence of the Divine.

Barack Obama, the savior of the proletariat.

Judging by the words of Barack Obama, the President hates this nation as it was founded. He believes the Constitution was written in a manner to keep the rich rich, and the poor poor. The practice of only property owners being able to vote in the elections back then is a sign to him that the Founding Fathers were the bourgeois. This nation has been a racist, hell-hole for over 200 years, and as far as Barack is concerned, we have not, as a nation, begun to steer towards the light until the last three years, thanks to him.

Obama is sitting in the White House thinking that America still views him as The Messiah. He believes the opposition has been successfully relegated down to the level of extremists by his propaganda machine. Obama thinks that everyone hates America's founding as much as he does.

He has underestimated the American People.

Obama is a narcissist, and if you're a narcissist, you live in a dream world where you construct your own reality. For the purpose of the illusion, the world created is one without any sense of reality, or common sense. Obama believes everybody feels the same as he does about things. He believes everyone agrees with him when he determines the United States is guilty, racist, sexist, bigoted, and anything else he can come up with. The colonial history of America makes this nation guilty of being a part of the world's imperialistic past, and one that has done all it can to stomp all over the down-trodden, and keep the rich people's pockets full of gold and power.

A small portion of the population does agree with Obama and the democrat party. The enemies of America agree with him, and have infiltrated the institutions they believe they need to use to change this country at its very foundations. Thanks to the progressive liberal left, we are educating and importing communists and Marxists.

We did not begin as a nation teaching communism. We did not prosper promoting the redistribution of wealth. The problem is, if you were a socialist, communist, Marxist, liberal, or whatever you want to call it, you lived in the shadows because everyone knows that such an ideology is everything the founding of this nation wasn't.

They have come out of the shadows, they are fomenting revolution, and they are calling for the proletariat to rise up and proclaim the democrats the national party, and Obama the leader of the brave new America.

Obama believes he is doing good. He is succeeding, as far as he is concerned. He has accomplished a lot, creating division through racism, and economic class warfare, and now he has created a cry by Americans for peace and safety.

And according to Obama, these victories are not nearly as good as what he plans to do when he gets re-elected. As he told former Russian President Medvedev, after the election he'll be even more flexible when it comes to doing what he wants to do.

They are even working on stomping on the First Amendment right of free speech. Nancy Pelosi has indicated that it's time to allow Congress to regulate political speech, especially when it is engaged by corporations.

I suppose these superpacs that have emerged as a result of the Citizens United case has the democrats realizing they may lose the next election, and they are willing to take away free speech from certain groups to ensure they hang on to their power.

Obama is doing exactly what he intended to do, and he won't stop until your liberties are gone forever. In the process of convincing the proletariat to rise up against their bourgeois oppressors, he must convince the dependents upon the federal government that he is one of them, he is one with their fight, that he is not a member of the wealthy class they are fighting.

Then, once the socialist model is fully in place, he aims to be the man at the helm of the brave new America.

Obama is on a mission to fundamentally reform and transform this country. He doesn't like it the way it was founded. That is why he agrees with Reverend Wright, and Barack Obama Sr., and the way the communists  view this country.  Now, he is in a leadership position over the American System he hates so much. And what he is doing is not because he is in over his head, as some in the conservative media make it out to be. The job losses, stalling of economic growth, standing in the way of the Keystone Pipeline, the drilling moratoriums in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska, the rise of racial violence and the appearance of roving mobs egged on by people like Reverend Sharpton, the nationalization of private industries, and the punishments dealt out without due process against BP, the banks, and the oil speculators - none of what Obama is doing is accidental.

When Obama tells you he was not born wealthy, he is trying to play the people of America, and many want to believe him so bad that they look right past the obvious lie. He is pleased with himself, glad to deceive you, he is a grand manipulator and he is happy to use that gift if that is what it takes to force America to pay for what it has done. He believes this country to be guilty, unjust, immoral and in great need of being put in its place. He is the planner, the judge, jury and executioner. Obama sees himself as doing good, and his victories are the destruction of the system as founded.

Contrary to Obama's belief, you have not completely fallen for his deception. He's walking on thin ice. There is only a small percentage of the population that believes he's doing a good job.

Obama can't win this November on his record, because all that he has done in the eyes of informed voters has been destructive. The problem for Barry is that Obama needs his next four years. He needs his next four years to finish the transformation of America into his socialist model. To do that, he's gotta get elected in 2012.

Since Obama can't win on his record, he has to divide America even more, destroy his opposition, and convince America to hate the Republicans. The democrats plan to use the same playbook they always use, the one they used to convince people to hate Bush, the same playbook Obama used to win his Senate seat, and his State Senate seat. He is going to work to convince America that the Republicans are standing in the way of the progress he is promising, that it is the Republicans that created all of these problems, and if you let the GOP back in charge they will get rid of everything he has accomplished.  The democrats are excited about blaming the Republicans. That is what they do. What is amazing is the republican establishment didn't even see it coming. The GOP is still upset about the conservatives rising in their ranks to even notice what Obama is doing, and it may be possible that a number of the republicans are in on it.

The country is going to hell in a handbasket because of the ideas of the liberal democrats, the American people are upset, and it is all going to come down to how many people are willing to believe Obama's lie about being able to relate to the poor laborers, the people who aren't wealthy, the proletariat.

Obama has accomplished much of what he set out to do. . . divide America, and bring on the class warfare, the battle between the bourgeois, and the the proletariat. . . Revolution.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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