Saturday, December 29, 2012

Email of the Week: When Idiots Bring Up The War in Iraq

Thanks, Robert for the facebook rant.  As always, you nailed it, while pulling no punches.

I'm so tired of idiots... Every time a fiscal issue comes up, they bring up "Unpaid for Wars" Democrats and Republicans BOTH voted to go to war. PERIOD. America by 5 to 1 supported it. Only difference? Men and women continued to support it when it got tough. Wimpy little spoiled rotten pricks chose to act like Jane Fonda and John Kerry. They love to talk about Iraq, here's a test: Can you measure what didn't happen?

You see a drunk driver on the road, he's headed for a school zone. You see a lot of kids playing on the sidewalk. You ram the drunks car into a wall and he's killed. How many kids did you save? He may not have hit any.. Are you a hero? a Murderer? If you didn't act and he killed many kids how would you live with that?

Basically, that's the position George Bush was in. He along with everyone in the world KNEW that Sadaam Hussien was going to do something eventually. it was only a matter of time. Regardless of all the hype and spin. NOBODY can dispute that the man was an evil POS. So WE all made a decision to stop it. I can live with it. We can debate HOW we stopped it all we want. But the action was NEEDED. FACT.

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