Monday, December 31, 2012

Germany One Step Away from Death Panels for Elderly because of High Care Costs

In a system like ours (well, if we were following the system created by the Founding Fathers, anyway) the elderly would have either planned for their retirement, or family would be taking care of them. In the event that they did not plan, nor have any family, the charities would step in.  However, in systems where the government acts as the caretaker of society, the costs are unsustainable - especially when the next generation's fertility rate is lower.

In Germany, the cost of care for the elderly has caught up to them. . .

From the U.K. Mail Online:

Germany accused of 'deporting' its elderly: Rising numbers moved to Asia and Eastern Europe because of sky-high care costs

Country's elderly and sick being sent abroad due to rising care costs

Situation described as 'inhumane deportation' and a huge 'alarm signal'

Warning to Britain where pensioners are selling homes to pay for healthcare

German pensioners are being sent to care homes in Eastern Europe and Asia in what has been described as an ‘inhumane deportation’.

Rising numbers of the elderly and sick are moved overseas for long-term care because of sky-high costs at home.

Some private healthcare providers are even building homes overseas, while state insurers are also investigating whether they can care for their clients abroad.

Experts describe a time bomb’ of increasing numbers unable to afford the growing costs of retirement homes.

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