Sunday, December 30, 2012

Last Ditch Effort to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Everyone's taxes are going up, and any deal will be a bad deal.  Congress thinks a bad deal is better than the "fiscal cliff," which would be the expiration of the Bush Tax Rates, and the implementation of draconian cuts to the military budget.  What the republicans are looking for is a compromise, but what the democrats have proven up to this point is that they don't plan to compromise. It is their way, or over the cliff.  Besides, with Obamacare, the rich are going to get taxed heavily, whether a deal is struck, or not.  The democrats win no matter what - deal, or no deal.

The idea of a Fiscal Cliff was created by the democrats to create fear.  Fear of blame, fear of calamity.  Remember, the democrats love crisis, and will even create them if they have to.  After all, as Rahm Emanuel said, "Never let a crisis go to waste."

Only the Tea Party members of Congress have stuck to their principles, and have refused to play Obama's game.

When it comes to manipulating the Republican Establishment, however, it is working for the democrats like a charm.

Taxes are going up, and there won't be any entitlement reform.  Obama won the election, and so he believes that means he has a mandate to do whatever he wants, and that is how they are playing the game.  In fact, the democrats are even willing to disregard the Constitution and use the Senate to create a fiscal deal, and then force the republicans of the House into a corner with it. The democrats have no interest in protecting our economic future, preventing this nation from going into default or earning yet another downgrade in our credit rating, reducing the deficit, or protecting Americans from an overreaching federal government.  Obama ran on raising taxes, and moving America even closer to his ultimate goal, a socialist America.

Obama is going to get everything he wants, and the Republicans will be left blamed for anything that goes wrong because they dared to argue. That is what happens when conservatives in America allow the hard left to gain control of the education system, the media, the entertainment industry, and buy votes with entitlements.

In the end, this goes beyond making America a model of socialism based on the framework failing on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.  The democrats are looking for a global solution.  Without borders, without sovereignty.  It is their goal to destroy the system as it is, change it to a socialist system, and then join the global meltdown we are seeing in Europe.  We are the World, they are singing, just like the band playing on the Titanic as the iceberg tore into that great vessel.  The only difference is the democrats are eagerly searching for icebergs, and are ramming into them on purpose.

The republicans believe that the democrats care about the economy, and America, so they are trying to play fair and concede this and that. Compromise is their game, but liberals don't compromise, and The Right has nothing in common with the Marxists of the Left, so there is nothing to compromise over.  The democrats and republicans in Washington are acting like they are making a last ditch effort, but as the republicans think there is a deal to be struck, the truth is Obama wants none.  They are trying to deal with someone unwilling to deal, because no deal gives him more of what he is trying to achieve than any deal could ever offer.

Obama's attitude is basically, give me everything, or you get nothing. Make a choice.

For this, 2013 will be a very challenging year.  The question will simply be, will the socialists achieve the tyranny they are gunning for, or will the resolve of the American People finally halt the oncoming train wreck from happening?  Can we save our Constitutional Republic, or has collapse finally come to America.

Time will tell.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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