Saturday, November 30, 2013 Still "Hit & Miss" As "Fix" Deadline Looms

by JASmius

.....or "On the Edge Of Never":

The Obama administration has said the government’s troubled website will function smoothly by the end of Saturday.

Those paid to help enroll Americans in Obamacare remain doubtful.
From Florida to Alaska, the “navigators” designated to sign people up for insurance under the  healthcare overhaul say the online insurance exchange has improved since its October 1st debut, but outages and errors continue to prevent many from using it to buy their coverage.

The site is “kind of hit and miss,” said Karen Basha Egozi of the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida [That's EFF, which I imagine a lot of ObamaCare "customers" have been exclaiming quite a bit, for quite a while, already], a ACORN U.S. designated navigator. “There have definitely been more hits lately than in the past. But I know there are cases where people still get locked out when they try to purchase a plan.”

Tyann Boling, chief operating officer of Enroll Alaska, a unit of Anchorage-based Northrim Benefits Group LLC, said she now rates the site a four out of ten, with ten being fully functional. “It’s got a long ways to go,” she said.

If you had to undergo, say, brain or heart surgery, and you were told that the best such surgeon in the hospital rated a four on a scale of ten, what would that do to your confidence level?  How much would you wager that four out of ten will be the standard for surgical skill under ObamaCare, in the sense that that will be the number of such surgeries performed each year, nation-wide, with that survival rate?

And still, his Infernal Majesty is maintaining his face of brave obtusity:

President Barack Obama said the health-care law will “be a legacy I am extraordinarily proud of,” during an interview with ABC News’ Barbara Walters airing today on 20/20.

“Obviously my most recent concern has been that my website’s not working,” Obama said, according to a summary of the interview by ABC News. “We’re evaluating why it is exactly that I didn’t know soon enough that [it] wasn’t going to work the way it needed to.”

Suuuuure they are.  Suuuuure he didn't know.  Makes you wonder how this little sit-down would have gone if Ted Cruz had been sitting in for Babwa Wa-Wa.  I'm sure the pay-per-view revenues would have gone a long way towards defraying the O-Care subsidy costs.

Speaking of which....:

“This week has become the breaking point,” Magnuson said by telephone. “I have several clients this week that have said exactly that: ‘I give up. I don’t care what the federal subsidy is. Enroll me in a plan. I’ll pay the premium.’”

In those instances, he said, they’re guaranteed coverage for January 1st, “but they’re giving up, in some cases, hundreds if not thousands of dollars in federal subsidies because of it.”

Could it be that the web portal debacle was planned after all, and for this purpose?  To batter down people's resistance to O-Care through O's god-level stubborn zealotry and even their inclination to hold out for subsidy goodies?  Will O now be boasting about this as a cost-saving feature? 


It's reminiscent of the Discount Khan crushing Admiral Marcus's skull with his bare hands....

Does O sleep?  Or have a sufficient supply of Bounty picker-uppers in the White House residence?  We shall see.

But to answer my own rhetorical question above, quite possibly - except that even they underestimated the vastness of their own incompetence:

While accessing the site may be easier as the result of recent software fixes, using it to figure out the actual cost of a plan can be problematic, said John Foley, supervising attorney for the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, a ACORN navigator group in Florida.

Some of the data provided on consumer subsidies has turned out to be incorrect in individual cases so people may be charged more or less than they thought. There’s no consistency, he said.

And there never will be.  Kind of like hiring Michael J. Fox to be a sniper.  Something of which I'm sure O would be extraordinarily proud as well, since he's as ignorant of military firearms as he is the insurance business.

I think, though, that Alfred captured the essence of Red Barry's legacy....

Some men just want to watch the world burn - by "fundamentally transforming" it.

But O would keep the jewels, and the giant mound of cash.  Bonfires that big must be against some D.C. safety ordinance.

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