Saturday, May 31, 2014

Carney's Departure Comes As Press Obama Fatigue Sets In

by JASmius

i.e. The sort of fatigue one incurs when your hero - or your perception of your hero - starts falling grievously short of the lofty expectations you have of him because you worshipfully love him so very, very much.

Sounds to me like the Obamedia is beginning to conclude that Lucifer is "not the right socialist" after all, but, loathe to blaspheme their demigod, they're taking it out of Jay Carney's hide, for now:

White House press secretary Jay Carney's resignation capped a tenure that saw the media grow increasingly restless toward President Barack Obama amid of a bevy of scandals, including the controversy that led to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki's departure on Friday, experts told Newsmax....

Democratic analyst and pollster Doug Schoen likened Carney's performance to that of the inept sergeant of the television sitcom "Hogan's Heroes."

"Press secretaries have a natural life of only about one term, so I am frankly surprised he has stayed as long as he has," he said in a statement. "That being said, he played the 'Sergeant Schultz' role well.

"He spouted the party line, avoided difficult questions, and maintained he knew very little about most subjects beyond what he had already said.

"A job well done, from the president's point of view."

And Tobe Berkovitz, an associate professor of advertising at Boston University, was even more caustic.

"Despite the fact that the press knows that he lied to them repeatedly, that he was part of the cover-up of a whole bunch of administration scandals, he will still get a job for probably several million dollars a year," he told Newsmax in an interview. "The irony would be if he goes into a healthcare provider."

Ouch.  That left a mark.  Especially the "Sergeant Schultz" crack.  I guess I never thought of it because John Banner could have carried around Jay Carney in his front coat pocket.  Besides, his sexual ambiguity aside, Carney has always been more interested in Russians than Germans, anyway.

Maybe the "experts" have forgotten that the job description of White House propaganda ministers hasn't always been "the Sergeant Schultz role" - "I know NOTHINK, NOTHINK!" - but rather has been distinctively so under Barack Hussein Obama due to the fact of the sheer number and volume and weight of the Regime's scandals.  And if the Obamedia is growing weary of it all, it's a considerable understatement to observe that they really do have nobody to blame but themselves for shoving Dr. Chicago down the nation's gullet six years ago and keeping him there ever since.

Traditionally - which is to say, under Republican administrations - the job of the White House press secretary is as first line of defense against the raging, scandalmongering berserker hordes the media become when their party is out of power.  Which is most of why Ari Fleischer speaks of, "tak[ing] that podium and stand[ing] my ground on behalf of a president I believed in."  That is to say, Fleischer was defending his president and his country against the hostile forces seeking to destroy the former and "fundamentally transform" the latter, whereas Carney, for the vast majority of his tenure, was collaborating with friendly forces to deify a foreign-minded dictator and defend the "fundamental transformation" they all believed in from the indigenous American forces seeking to roll it all back.  And now that their "messiah's" clay feet have grown to Colossus proportions and the cause isn't as fun and rewarding as it used to be, the press corps is grumbling and a little heat that Fleischer wouldn't even have recognized as such compared to the crucible in which he did battle on a daily basis for two and a half years sent Carney fleeing to the exit.

Color me unimpressed.

That Tobe Berkovitz, an associate professor of advertising at Boston University, is right as rain that Carney will cash in hugely his run as the top name in faux ignorance performance art probably ought to disgust me to the lining of my intestinal tract and send it all violently churning up my esophagus and fountaining acidly out all my agonized facial orifices, but for my distinct lack of ignorance and the robust cynicism it perpetually breeds.

Again, nice work if you can get it.  And I'd like to.

Pity there'll never again be a "president I believe in".

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