Saturday, July 12, 2014

V.M. Day - Victory in Murrieta, and a Discussion about Common Core: Constitution Radio

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The dust has settled.  Murrieta has turned back the buses.  The federal government will no longer send planes full of diseased illegal aliens into California.  Word has it now they are going to start sending them into Louisiana.  The opening discussion, and I am sure a large part of today's program, will be dedicated to the Murrieta Insurrection that found the good citizens of Murrieta standing up to the federal government, and winning.

We will also be welcoming to the show today Sinhue Noriega, an expert on Common Core.  The progressive left is going for broke, bringing in as many undocumented democrats as they can across the border, while also focusing their attention on our children in the classroom.  Common Core, however, is so sinister, and so over the top, that it is surprising there has not been an insurgency against it. . . yet.

Our guest, Sinhue Noriega, is a teacher and author Sinhue that is well traveled, and has experienced many different cultures. A graduate of Weber State University in Utah in 2006 with a degree in English, Sinhue has researched the education system in several parts of the country.  Common Core has been a topic that has caught his attention, and Sinhue believes Common Core is playing a key role in this country’s “educational collapse.” Sinhue teaches about confronting issues and solutions to today’s educational crisis in front of large groups of educators, parents, and concerned citizens in effort to bring awareness and repeal overextending policies of government in education like the Common Core.

After the interview we will discuss the Book of the Week, which, for the first time, is not a book, but a DVD. . . and actually three DVD's by Dennis Michael Lynch.

Then we will discuss the Constitution Quest Question of the Week, and finally the

5 Big Stories of the Week, July 12, 2014

5.  Summer Chill

4.  Orwellian Obama’s White House may see arrests

3.  Obamacare still a failure

2.  Israel responds to attacks from Gaza

1.  Victory in Murrieta. . . For now.

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Anonymous said...

You won, but will Luisiana do what you were able to do?

They need to be just as strongly rejected in all corners of the USA as they were in Murrietta.