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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Federal Judge Says Illegals Can Sue For Being Detained

by JASmius

Well, this was inevitable:

A [San Francisco] Bay Area federal judge has given the go-ahead to a nationwide suit by thousands of [illegal aliens] who seek asylum in the United States and accuse the government of illegally keeping them in jail for months.

In rejecting the Obama administration’s attempt to dismiss the suit, U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of Oakland ruled that federal law requires officials to decide within ten days whether an undocumented immigrant has a “reasonable fear” of persecution or torture if deported. Immigrants are held without bail while awaiting those decisions.

The law says a decision must be made within ten days unless “exceptional circumstances” exist. Justice Department lawyers argued that immigration officials have the sole authority to define exceptional circumstances and are not bound by any deadline.

But Gonzalez Rogers, in a ruling Friday, said the law’s meaning is clear: Decisions are required within ten days except in rare cases where circumstances justify a delay.

Causes vertigo-induced projectile nausea, doesn't it?  Or motion sickness, at the very least.  Is this a tyrannical federal judge attempting to dictate to a tyrannical Executive Branch?  Is it a Hispanic federal judge trying to up the pandering-to-Hispanics ante?  And just exactly how do non-citizens here not just illegally but having been deported and then come here illegally again - repeat offenders, in other words - have legal standing to sue the federal government or anybody else?  Much less on the claim of "fear of persecution"?  In Mexico?  Central America?  Is this not the flimsiest, most contrived mierda the Left has vomited yet?

Allow me to reiterate this again: There is no inherent "human right" to come to this country and suck off of and/or displace actual American citizens.  No other non-failed state on the planet refuses to control its borders, protect its national sovereignty, and preserve the meaning and integrity of citizenship.  But Obamerikastan?  The Cloward-Piven crazy train careens on, with the inevitable national collapse looming ever closer.

Warner Todd Huston is right - we are committing national suicide.

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